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Unicorns and Rainbows – Part 3

The typical Progressive Liberal confuses me, and quite frankly, I think they are confused as well.  What they say and do are so contradictory to a rational line of thinking leaves me with multiple WTH moments. This is the third … Continue reading

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Election 2012

We are now two days away from electing the next government of the United States.  Will the voters reelect the current administration, or change the administration?  At this point in time, it is too close to call. Criteria should be … Continue reading

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So Many Topics, So Little Time…

Like many other people, I’m getting overwhelmed with the sheer number of topics that I’m interested in posting on, and cannot really do a good job on.  So little time to post on so many topics, so here’s a few … Continue reading

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6-Month Vacation?

Shows where the mind is… I just realized that today is the 6-month anniversary of leaving Chrysler.  The good news is that I’m studying to better myself from a hiring and skill-set standpoint.  Bad news is that I still don’t … Continue reading

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Just a Few Things…

As you have noticed, the blog’s look has changed again.  One difference from the others to this one – I wrote the theme practically from scratch.  The basic framework coding is from Whiteboard, and uses a grid-layout from 960.cs. If … Continue reading

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