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Will Someone Turn Off the Broken Record?

I know that I haven’t posted for a while.  Besides life and work going on at the usual frantic pace, there really isn’t much new to post about.  Sure, there are developments on the current stories and topics, but essentially … Continue reading

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Fifteen Years Later

Reflecting back on this day in 2001, the words “never forget” come to mind.  However, I do wonder if other people continue to remember what happened, and the implications of that amnesia. The following is a post that I wrote … Continue reading

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Has The World Gone Mad?

We must take a moment at this time to pause and remember the murders of the policemen in Baton Rouge, LA, this morning.  Details are not available at this time, but it is theorized that the police were ambushed by … Continue reading

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More Gun Control?

This past week, a man killed his wife in Minnesota, traveled to UCLA in California, killed his former professor, and then himself.  Authorities have found a list that named another person at UCLA that was targeted, but that person was … Continue reading

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Post in Pictures


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