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Plumbing Karma

Unabashedly borrowed from Conservative Tribune. Only weeks after leaving office on Jan. 20, 2017, former President Barack Obama discovers a leak under his sink, so he calls Troy the Plumber to come out and fix it. Troy drives to Obama’s … Continue reading

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Comments on the Week

Not any one topic, but comments on the past week’s events. This past Monday was Tax Day, where all Patriots paid their fair share.  Except, of course, those who believe that they are Patriots regardless of what they pay in … Continue reading

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Cyprus in the US?

I know that the following will probably nominate me for induction into the Tin Hat Society.  If so, then so be it… Events from the past couple of weeks concerning the European Union’s economy concerning Cyprus have left me uneasy … Continue reading

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Deadly Denial–Conclusion

This is the last post in a series that hopefully will show that sticking our collective heads in the sand is not conducive for not only our health, but the health of our country. “America will never be destroyed from … Continue reading

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Supreme Fallout

I have been on vacation this past week, and catching up on some much-needed yard work.  Yeah, the heat was bad, but that didn’t get my temperature up (as well as the blood pressure) when I heard about the following. … Continue reading

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