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At What Cost for Liberalism?

In response to yesterday’s shooting at a Republican baseball practice – “How many innocent people have to die before we realize that words do matter? Crazy people act on the crazy things they hear from politicians and celebrities. Think before … Continue reading

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This past week has confirmed to me that Donald Trump is unsuited to lead this country.  Yes, there are people that would flame me for that statement, but bear with me. Donald Trump has definitely tapped into the disgust that … Continue reading

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Now What?

The Democrats took a beating as predicted, and their fearless leader blames everyone and everything except the policies that his party foisted upon the electorate.  Of course, he’s overseas making more speeches with the aid of his faithful teleprompters.  Why … Continue reading

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Michigan Primary

The Michigan Primary did nothing but muddle the front runners of the Republican Party. And in some respects, that seems to sum up the candidates thus far in this silly season. Romney finally got his first place with McCain in … Continue reading

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Union Choices? HAH!

Passing by the Union board this afternoon, I briefly read a notice on how the UAW Leadership would like us to vote in the Michigan Primary coming up in about 12 days. What I read was disgusting, but not surprising. … Continue reading

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