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Post Election Comments / Veteran’s Day

After every election, the losing party usually asks, “What went wrong?”  The pundits have put in their two-cents worth, so I guess I’ll put in mine. Regardless of what the analysts say, Mitt Romney was not the strongest candidate that … Continue reading

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Veepstakes Politics

Here it is Wednesday, and I haven’t posted anything for a while.  I’m back home with the honey-do list, a new critter to take care of, and I’m busy!!  Trying to get everything done & ready to go back to … Continue reading

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Caucuses, Primaries, Polls, and Politics

Given that the Polls called for HRC to ride to a close victory in Iowa and the reality is that she finished third, does anyone believe polls? I don’t. Polls are opinions – period. Anyone with an ounce of sense … Continue reading

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