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A Rant, Perhaps?

Hello, Friends.  Long time, no post… I’ve been in somewhat of a funk the past few weeks.  I look at the political shenanigans that our elected officials have been up to, and it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to … Continue reading

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For me, my trust is a precious thing.  I trust God.  I trust my wife.  I trust my parents.  I trust my closest friends.  I trust most of my family (every family has bad apples).  And I trust people (for … Continue reading

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Cyprus in the US?

I know that the following will probably nominate me for induction into the Tin Hat Society.  If so, then so be it… Events from the past couple of weeks concerning the European Union’s economy concerning Cyprus have left me uneasy … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Tax Commandments

I.  Thou Shalt Not Ignore April 15. II.  Thou Shalt Not Hide From Tax Troubles. III.  Thou Shalt Seek All Tax Breaks for Which Thou Art Eligible. IV.  Thou Shalt Sign Thy Return. V.  Thou Shalt Not Respond to Tax … Continue reading

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