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What’s Next?

This past week, the Republicans found that talk was cheap compared to the actions that they needed to take to repeal and replace the monstrosity known as ObamaCare.  The solution that they came up with fell far short of what … Continue reading

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Our Traitorous Congress

The following is a list of the Democratic Members of the House of Representatives that, without regard to the Constitution nor the People’s wishes, voted “Aye” on the Motion to Concur in Senate Amendments: H R 3590 Patient Protection and … Continue reading

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Brown Wins, Healthcare in Limbo

In yesterday’s elections, Scott Brown won the election for Massachusetts’s empty Senate seat. In his acceptance speech, he ripped the healthcare reform legislation under consideration by the House and Senate reconciliation committee. Here is Scott Brown’s acceptance speech: The Democrats … Continue reading

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Healthcare Taxes

Whether you believe it or not, should the Senate pass the current 2,000+ page monstrosity called Healthcare Reform, your taxes, directly and/or indirectly, will go up.  This will be despite the promise made by the President last February: ‘If your … Continue reading

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Washington and Copenhagen

What does Washington and Copenhagen have in common? They both are filled with people who 1) have broken with reality; 2) want the American taxpayer to fund their pet projects; 3) state that their positions must be acted upon immediately … Continue reading

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