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The Gift That Will Keep On Taking

On the morning of Christmas Eve, the Senate voted along party lines to approve its version of health care reform.  The Senate’s version is now roughly 2,700 pages long, and contains language that many would consider kickbacks, payoffs, and outright … Continue reading

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So Many Topics, So Little Time…

Like many other people, I’m getting overwhelmed with the sheer number of topics that I’m interested in posting on, and cannot really do a good job on.  So little time to post on so many topics, so here’s a few … Continue reading

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Fishy Figures & Transparency

We’ve all heard about the 47 Million people that are uninsured, and the breakdowns for those figures have been posted here and in other places.  And yet there are another set of figures that are being used to justify government’s … Continue reading

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We Angry Americans

The recent outbursts and challenges of elected officials at healthcare townhall meetings has revealed something that is, quite frankly, astounding for the traditional involvement of the public in the political process.  What I am referring to is average citizens that … Continue reading

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The United Kingdom’s National Health Service

From across the pond comes this warning via the United Kingdom’s The Times: There is a truth about modern healthcare that, in the politics of the day, is consistently ignored. Demand will always beat supply. A story could be written … Continue reading

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