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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families of the Sutherland shooting. The blood hadn’t even cooled when the various politicians, celebrities, and “experts” started calling for more gun control, demonizing the NRA, attacked the victims … Continue reading

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Here We Are Again

We at Wise Conservatism and Tom’s Place grieve at the loss of life inflicted upon the concertgoers by a madman.  Our prayers and sympathies go to all those affected by this tragedy. Last Sunday night, a deranged person meticulously planned … Continue reading

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More Gun Control?

This past week, a man killed his wife in Minnesota, traveled to UCLA in California, killed his former professor, and then himself.  Authorities have found a list that named another person at UCLA that was targeted, but that person was … Continue reading

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Picture Post

  Hillary is a blonde and clueless… And you would believe the above after Obummer has done the below?

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Firearm Safety

Both Democratic candidates for President have stated in one way or another that private ownership of firearms is not protected by the Second Amendment.  The Hildebeast has further stated that the Supreme Court was wrong on the Heller and McDonald … Continue reading

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