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The Weekend After

It didn’t take long for the POS WAH! Party to start in on blaming the Republicans, the NRA, Conservatives, and any one they could possibly think of for their sycophant to start shooting the Republicans on a baseball field.  I’m … Continue reading

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More Gun Control?

This past week, a man killed his wife in Minnesota, traveled to UCLA in California, killed his former professor, and then himself.  Authorities have found a list that named another person at UCLA that was targeted, but that person was … Continue reading

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Firearm Safety

Both Democratic candidates for President have stated in one way or another that private ownership of firearms is not protected by the Second Amendment.  The Hildebeast has further stated that the Supreme Court was wrong on the Heller and McDonald … Continue reading

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Not really having much time for the next couple of weeks, I thought I would post the following for your consideration:

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Concealed Carry

Lately, I’ve been running across articles that express exactly what I’ve been thinking.  The following is a Letter to the Editor to the Boston Globe, and is eerily parallel to an experience that I had in a restaurant a couple … Continue reading

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