The Rules of Engagement


I encourage rational discussion & comments, but not personal character assassination to make your point. If I have made a mistake, point it out & we will go from there. If you agree or disagree, put it down. Add to the discussion if possible, or make your opinion known without resorting to name-calling of the author or others.

If you want to leave anonymous messages, that’s OK, but if you want to flame the positions of the author or the other people who take the time to comment on the material presented, have the decency & courage to put your name/blog/email address to your comment.   When someone comes in, spouts off on a remotely related tangent to the post and give a bogus email (yes, I check!), it is extremely distracting. Yes, I do track IP addresses, and too many from the same IP will lead to deletion of comments and banning of the address. Period.

One last item – I reserve the right to moderate and/or delete comments that do not add to the discussion. This has been rare, but I have done it.

For better or worse, this is my commenting policy.

Using Material Presented on This Blog

Under the Creative Commons License, you may share and adapt the material presented here as long as credit is given and usage is not for a commercial source.  You must ask for permission if usage is for a commercial site (i.e., you make money).  I might ask for a cut, but then again, I may not.


If you would like to have your blog added to my blogroll, all you have to do is ask. I would appreciate a reciprocal link on your blog.

I reserve the right to refuse or remove links from the blogroll.

Updated June 2009