Michigan Senior Olympics 2010 – Weightlifting

My wife participated in the Michigan Senior Olympics in weightlifting this year.  She won a silver medal in her age group with a successful bench-press lift of 100 pounds. 

Which is why I open doors for her…

No, I didn’t participate – I’m still too young for the competition, and the fellows that would be in my age class are lifting 50+ pounds more than I could ever hope for.  Maybe golf next year…

Regardless, it is heartening to see people in their 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s relatively fit and participating in this competition.  I saw one 65-year old man lifting 270 pounds!  WOW!!

Get off the couch and get healthy.  My wife and I did, and feel much better both physically and mentally.  Sitting around, watching the tube, and eating Doritos & ice cream is a recipe for a coronary.  And we all don’t want that, right?

We Have a Winner!!

My wife won first place in an Olympic Weightlifting competition!!

This was her second match (the first was back in October), and she did very well, securing a gold medal for her age and weight class.

I didn’t participate in this one – injuries again. Damn bursitis… If she gets too far ahead of me, I’ll never catch back up. Oh well…

But I’m proud of her, and happy that she has found a hobby (?) that she finds rewarding in more ways than one.

The Thrill of Victory!!

My wife competed in her first Olympic-style weightlifting meet today, and won a silver medal for her age & weight class!! For a person who does not have an athletic background and has never competed before, this is a great accomplishment.

For those of you who are asking how did I do, I didn’t compete – I’m on injured reserve. Next time…