Going Home

Tomorrow morning, I leave for the States.  This is, I think, my last visit to Germany for this project.

The time has been well spent.  Project is going OK, and I’ve had a chance to post more, and work on the blog some.  New header, new icons, revised “About” & “Policy” entries, and a few more tweaks such as a different tagline every day.  It think I’m done, but who knows – I might see something that I might like to add.  If anyone has a suggestion or comment on the layout & features on this site, please do so.

I have enjoyed the past 6 months for the most part, but as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”

Back to Germany, Let the Selling Begin, Etc…

Tomorrow, it’s back to Germany.  Not looking forward to it this time – just too many things going on here.

I’ve seen confirmation from an article that I saw a couple of weeks ago that Chrysler is putting the Viper sports car up for sale.  It is a low production car, but just doesn’t fit the business model.  I have rumors of a couple of other “negotiations” in progress to sell off other parts of the business, but who knows what is going to happen.  I’ve also heard that any further cuts will most likely damage the business – our morale is really, really low right now.

Politics and the media haven’t changed a whole lot from the last 6 or 7 posts.  If anything, it’s gotten worse.  The bias of the media is really showing, and it is disgusting.  But then again, I wasn’t holding my breath that it would magically get better, either.

But then again, maybe this is all a dream.  I need to click my heels together three times and hope that the past few months were like a previous season of Dallas was a fantasy.  Oh wait…that’s been done before…nuts!

Going Home!

After 4 trips of 3 weeks each, I’m headed home for an extended period of time.  This time, I’m home for 6 weeks.

That’s the good news…

The bad news is that there are a few more trips that are scheduled, and I’ll need to get a visa.  Guess it’s nice to be wanted…

* Sigh *

But it will be nice to spend time at home, eat familiar food, have the critters around.  And I’m due for a vacation.

Traveling Blues

One would think that when you travel (especially overseas) that you would have plenty of down time to relax, write, and otherwise goof off.


I flew out of Detroit Metro on Tuesday, and have been on the run ever since. Fly to Frankfort, train to Bremen, meeting, find place to eat, sleep, another meeting, train to Stuttgart (arrive at 11:30 PM), go to work, change hotels, and now, finally, I can sit down, log in, and check on things. And it’s pretty depressing.

Gas is up (the fuel, not the naturally occurring methane…) as well as food & services. And the thoughts are that commodity traders are to blame (that’s a change – not blaming the oil companies?)

The politicians are at it again sniping and throwing mud (although it is interesting that the media is hammering President Bush’s low approval rating when Congress as a whole is twice as bad).

And speaking of politicians and oil companies, I did hear Representative Maxine Water’s (D – California) solution to high oil prices. And I have a different take on the whole affair. But that’s for the next post…

In the meantime, I’m not planning on castle-hopping this weekend, nor extensive traveling. I might actually catch my breath!