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Random Rants and Comments

Every now and then, there comes a point in time where there is just too much to comment on in detail, and too little time in which to do it.  With that in mind… My wife had the TV on … Continue reading

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We would like to take this opportunity to extend our condolences to the Victims of the Orlando shooting. **** Over the past week, I have been reading and watching the circus being created over the tragedy over the shooting in … Continue reading

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Picture Post

  Hillary is a blonde and clueless… And you would believe the above after Obummer has done the below?

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Random Thoughts

Playing catch-up is impossible.  There is no way to keep all the comments & posts current with the work schedule that I’m keeping.  Thus, a few comments on various topics. Things appear to be settling down in Ferguson, MO, or … Continue reading

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Social Justice

I’m really sick and tired of the various news outlets, celebrities, politicians, and race-baiters going about making Trayvon Martin some sort of martyr for getting killed after assaulting George Zimmerman.  Per an interview with Rachel Jeantel, Martin threw the first … Continue reading

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