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Golf Stories–Walking Through the Weeds

We all need to sit back & relax once in a while.  It puts perspective, real perspective, on this journey we call life. But I do wonder why the Olympics doesn’t include golf.  After all, there are a bunch of … Continue reading

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Golf Stories – Just a Little Walk Through Life…

The Senior Open is being played just down the road from me at Indianwood Country Club, so this is probably a good time to take a break from the political comments, and write about something fun…  And yes, I have … Continue reading

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Tom’s Place Congratulates …

… the Duke Blue Devils for winning the NCAA Basketball Championship. I watched the game, and it was close all the way down to the end.  Butler put up a good fight, but Duke prevailed.  I’ll let the pundits dissect … Continue reading

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Cinderella Goes To The Ball

The Butler University Bulldogs of Indianapolis wins the NCAA quarterfinals over the Michigan State Spartans in a close game.  I watched the game, and quite frankly, it was a nail-biter. Butler has never gone to the NCAA finals, while Michigan … Continue reading

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Just Another Week?

The new job is keeping me really, really busy.  So busy, in fact, that posting anything bordering on semi-rational will be a challenge.  But here goes nothing… Tiger Woods’s confession/press conference was predictable.  Period.  He said all the right things … Continue reading

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