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Will Someone Turn Off the Broken Record?

I know that I haven’t posted for a while.  Besides life and work going on at the usual frantic pace, there really isn’t much new to post about.  Sure, there are developments on the current stories and topics, but essentially … Continue reading

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Post Election Thoughts

To say that I was pleased to see Donald Trump defeat the Hildebeast for the Presidency would be an understatement.  As readers of this blog know, I was not a fan of the Democratic nominee for a plethora of reasons. … Continue reading

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Just a Few Thoughts…

While we all know that the Internet is probably one of the greatest sources of misinformation, I doubt that it can compete in the willful deception of the American people as the Media.  While the Media is supposed to be … Continue reading

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Where Is My Safe Space?

I know that this will most likely turn into a rant, but so be it.  I’m a little more than just annoyed at the state of intolerance people have for anything that is not in their belief system, and not … Continue reading

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Just a few quick thoughts… If a Liberal Progressive is nominated and approved to the Supreme Court, we might as well kiss out individual liberties goodbye and welcome a dystopian 1984 world.  Those who have read the novel will understand. … Continue reading

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