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Will Someone Turn Off the Broken Record?

I know that I haven’t posted for a while.  Besides life and work going on at the usual frantic pace, there really isn’t much new to post about.  Sure, there are developments on the current stories and topics, but essentially … Continue reading

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Another Climate Change Conference?

I haven’t been on a rant about the Climate Change / Global Warming / The Sky is Falling Crowd for some time, so it’s time to rectify that shortcoming. Excerpts from an article reported by Reuters: The Rio+20 summit in … Continue reading

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Where’s Al?

One glance at the TV covering the blizzard on the East Coast reminds me of the children’s puzzle series “Where’s Waldo?”, only in this case, it should be “Where’s Al?”  Indeed, where is our favorite Global Warming Climate Change cheerleader?  … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Wrap-Up

While the Colts lost, it was still a good game.  I knew it was over when Manning threw the interception in the 4th quarter.  Tom’s Place congratulates the New Orleans Saints for a well-played game. As far as the half-time … Continue reading

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50 Years of Global …

Cooling…  That’s right, cooling. From A peer-reviewed study by a respected Canadian physicist blames the interplay of cosmic rays and chlorofluorocarbons for 20th-century warming. The CFCs are now gone, and so is warming — perhaps for the next 50 … Continue reading

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