Random Thoughts

Friends, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Life, as usual, conspires to keep me from writing as often as I would like. So here are a few thoughts of mine in no particular order.

First and foremost – BUILD THE DAMN WALL ALREADY!!  I’ve seen enough reports from crimes committed by illegal immigrants upon the American population.  Sanctuary cities do nothing but sheild criminals and increase crime (including robbery, rape, and murder).  Anyone who thinks otherwise is complicit in these crimes.

The Muller investigation needs to stop, or at least be redirected toward the truly guilty parties. After a year plus of investigation, no collusion has been found concerning the Trump campaign. But there has been a boatload on the Democrat’s side of the house. And besides, is collusion really a crime, or is it a made up one? Or has this really been a show of political Kabuki theater to smear President Trump? I think we know the answer to that…

The American People do want justice, not the current “get Trump” atmosphere. We will not have confidence in our government until the true criminals and traitors to this country are brought to court. The list that I have is way too long for this post.

The all inclusive Liberals want you to believe that all opinions and viewpoints are welcome, at least if they somewhat agree to the Liberal viewpoint. Stating a Conservative viewpoint has lead to ostracization and even violence. We’ve seen many videos and reports of Liberal intolerance. One of these days, someone will get killed, and then all hell will break loose.

I think of Antifa, and what these masked people are doing. While they state they are anti-Fascist, they certainly employ the same violent tactics as the Nazi Brownshirts or Mussolini’s Blackshirts. What they are doing is in direct opposition of changing this country through the legal channels of debate and elections. Again, one of these days, someone will be killed directly through their actions, and I do wonder if this organization will be held accountable for their actions. I certainly hope that mayors and police chiefs around the country crack down and arrest these people for assault and property damage with fines & jail terms before they get completely out of hand.

The rise of the Socialists in the Democrat Party is of concern to me. Socialism is the direct opposite of the principles that this country is founded upon. It will destroy this country if not stopped. What the Democrats are doing is completely insane.

I was listening to a radio show on my way home from work the other day, and the commentator asked the question, “Why are young, college-age people embracing Socialism? Don’t they know what it is?”

A college counselor called in to the show, with her class present, and asked the question of her class. The answer was stunning and disturbing

The reason that they gave was that Socialism sounded a lot like Social, or Society, and they have been taught that we all need to be more social and respectful of each other. That a movement or system of government would be more encompassing (by name only) instead of the harsher sounding Capitalism (where everyone supposedly screws over everyone else) is very appealing. They didn’t know the details of what Socialism was, but the concept of free education, free health care, and guaranteed jobs (income) was very high on their list. Of course, they had no idea how all the “free” stuff was going to be paid for…

This is what our public education system is turning out. Young adults who have no idea of the history & evolution of the different political systems are, and what the consequences of adopting these systems will eventually result in. Critical thinking and civics has been canned in favor of touchy/feeling crap. No wonder those who can afford it will send their kids to private schools instead of the Liberal Youth Indoctrination Centers that our schools have become.

One last thing on the subject of Socialism before moving on: It seems that most of the people supporting Socialism are thinking that they will be running it, or benefiting from it without much effort on their part. I haven’t heard a single person stating that they would be happy to work for the benefit of others (a la Boxer from “Animal Farm”).

With the midterm elections coming up, I’m looking at the current candidates for the offices at the local, state, and federal positions. I’m what you can describe as a single issue voter. My main issue that I look for in a politician is if they truly support the Second Amendment. Here’s why:

If a politician supports the Second Amendment, they normally support the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and a government run by Constitutional principles. They will also have a respect for life (pro-life), legal immigration, and the rule of law. By respecting and supporting the Second Amendment, it provides a foundation on what that politician’s value system is, and is an indicator if he/she will represent the voters in government, or himself. At least that’s my thinking…

That’s all for this post. May everyone be safe and well until the next time.

End of Year 2017

For some reason, I’m finding it very hard to sit down and write a post at this time of year. Usually, I like to take a look back at the year that is almost complete and review the impressions that it has made upon the country. This year, it’s a mixture of highs and lows. Let me explain.

The election and swearing in of Donald Trump as President of the United States was certainly a high point for several reasons. The big one (at least for me) was the rejection of the American People of the corrupt Democratic candidate as well as a thumb in the eye of the establishment politicians. The stock market has taken off as a result, the economy is up, and jobs (for those people looking for them) are becoming available as companies are becoming more optimistic about the future. In general, the country appears to be breathing a sigh of relief that President Trump is working out better than expected. Unless, of course, you’re a Leftist Democrat…

The Democrats are still bitching and moaning about President Trump’s election, and doing their damnedest to smear and otherwise demean the man. I still think that they are sore losers, and the shenanigans that they are pulling are wearing thin. The first of this smearing is the accusation the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to sway the election.

I’m finding it fascinating that in the months since the allegation was made, not one shred of evidence has been uncovered that directly links the campaign with the Russians. Of course, this means (at least to the Democrats) that there is a link that needs to be found and duly investigated. But since that time, several links to the Democratic Party’s campaign have been found (and recently, with the Green Party as well), but we’re supposed to ignore those. But I’m not surprised in some respects…

The recent discovery of links of Special Council Mueller being politically biased against the President along with several of his investigators is troubling at best. Any sane person would expect that Mueller would recuse himself immediately along with his team of investigators. Failing that, Attorney General Sessions should grow a spine, sack Mueller, and replace him with verified neutral & objective investigators. This is the only way to restore any form of credibility to a politically charged investigation.

The next smear is the continued allegation that President Trump is a sexual predator, pointing back to the leaked tape of what was supposed to be a semi-private comment to a reporter that. Now in my mind, there is a huge difference about talking about an act vs. actually committing that act. To the best of my knowledge, there is no credible evidence that President Trump did anything but talk. However…

There has come to light massive amounts of evidence that many Congresscritters and their supporters, mostly Democrat, having assaulted numerous women and covered it up (some with taxpayer hush money). If we want to go back to President Kennedy, his brother Ted, President Clinton, and Hollywood Mogul and Democratic supporter Harvey Weinstein, then the Democrats have absolutely no moral high ground to point fingers. Those incidents have proof, and are documented. I do expect, that these sorts of attacks will continue upon both President Trump and any Republican candidate since Roy Moore was defeated in Alabama during a special election among charges of sexual impropriety from 30+ years ago.

But let’s not worry about any kind of accountability for real crimes…

Why are people like Felonia von Pantsuit and her husband (with multiple accomplices) not being held accountable for the pay-to-play schemes such as Uranium One scandal, using their foundation as a money-laundering business, real collusion with the Russians, and multiple other felonies such as lying to the FBI, destroying government property, national security violations, & so on? That is what the investigators should be focusing on, not something made up to cast doubt and focus attention elsewhere.

Moving on…

The Republican-controlled Congress failed in their campaign promise of repealing ObamaCare. The best excuse that I can find is that they didn’t expect Trump to win the election, and were caught flat-footed without any legislation ready to go. They certainly didn’t help themselves when proposing a half-assed bill that was sunk by members of their own party. Some of these morons will not be returning to Congress come mid-term elections, and are facing challengers from their own party for their seat. I personally think that they were expecting Felonia von Pantsuit to be elected, and they could position themselves as being the voice of reason against the evil successor to the first Black president, although I have my doubts that they would have a spine or the testicular fortitude to oppose the first woman president…

Now the Republicans are moving forward with a tax-reform bill that has passed the House and Senate, although there appears to be a couple of procedural hiccups as this post is being written. I fully expect the bill to be passed and signed into law by the President. From what I understand from the language that has been analyzed, it’s a mixed bag. Overall, I think it will be good for most Americans. The losers will be in high taxation states such as California and New York. Perhaps those voters need to look at and pay attention to what their state legislators are spending their hard-earned tax money on…

…Such as protection for illegal aliens…

The “cool” thing for cities and states to do to show their independence and disrespect for President Trump & the Federal government is to declare themselves as “sanctuary cities” or in the case of California, a “sanctuary state.” These mayors, governers and other officials are now using taxpayer money to clothe, house, and defend the deportation of people who violated Federal immigration laws (i.e., criminals). These officials tend not to discriminate between hard-core criminals and those just seeking a better life for themselves and their families. In other words, they are favoring criminals over the safety and well being of their citizens.

I can think of no better example of this that the case of Kathryn Steinle who was murdered (in my opinion) in San Francisco (a sanctuary city) by an illegal immigrant with multiple violations (including seven felonies). The immigrant, Garcia Zarate, was arrested and released from custody even though the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement had a detainer issued against him. Zarate late found a gun, discharged it, and the bullet killed Steinle. Zarate was later aquitted of all murder charges (including involuntary manslaughter). In other words, if San Francisco was not a sanctuary city and complied with the Federal detention order, an American citizen would still be alive.

Other examples can be found throughout the country – illegal immigrants with criminal records being released to later commit crimes of theft, DUI, and murder. All sanctioned by elected officials violating their oaths of office and the laws of this country.

Why, in the name of all that is Holy, do we allow our elected officials to protect criminals?

Folks, I could go on and on about the ills of chain immigration policies, DACA, the identity politics practiced by the Democratic Party, and the Left’s claims of being tolerant only to qualified same-thinking people, and so on, but that is more time that I just do not have for this year.

Instead, I would like to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

My 2-Cents Worth…

…and I’ve probably got change coming…

Like you, I can speculate with the best of them, from rational rantings to tin-hat-society way-out-there-in-space conspiracies, on what’s going to happen in this year’s election.  And like you, I haven’t a clue as to the outcome, but I do know what should not happen for the good of the American People.

The Hildebeast cannot win.

For countless years, people have been complaining about the corruption of politicians, and yet when presented with in-your-face proof that Felonia Von Pantsuit is the most obviously corrupt politician ever to run for the office of President, will still vote for her.  The polls state that she is not trusted by a majority of the American people, and yet still maintaining a small lead over her Republican opponent.  I would like to gently remind those people who complain about the political corruption and are still voting for the Hildebeast –

It is absolutely unrealistic and insane to expect change when you keep voting for the same corrupt politicians.

While Trump isn’t perfect by any means, he’s a damn sight better than the Hildebeast.  I already know that if he is elected, both Houses of Congress will hold him accountable for his policies and actions because both Democrats and Republicans cannot stand him.  He would most likely be a one-term President (a place-holder) unless the American People benefit immensely from the policies he institutes in the four years after his election.

If the Hildebeast is elected, she will get a pass on almost anything she does, and We The People will suffer immensely.  All one has to do is look at the history of her scandals, past and present, to know that she it in it for herself and her agenda, and damned be anyone that gets in her way.  And forget about here being indicted after being elected (or maybe even not) – she’ll either be pardoned by the outgoing O’Bummer or use her executive power to make it all go away.

And we’ve seen what the Democrats will do if they get a majority – pass more disasters like Obamacare that solve nothing, give the government more power over our lives, and screw us over in the process.

So whatever you need to do to get yourself through voting Republican this year – an adult beverage, clothespins, etc… – do not vote for the Hildebeast or any of her Democrat minions.

*** UPDATE ***

What follows is a post from Constitutio Fidelis titled “Will the Republic Survive One More Election?

This article is written to convince you, the reader, that the Democratic candidate MUST NOT WIN the 2016 election for President of the United States of America.

It does not matter whether you are a Democrat or Republican, Libertarian or Bernie supporter, never-Trumper or a stay at home protest voter. It doesn’t matter who the Democratic candidate is, whether Hillary Clinton or some replacement if she somehow does not finish the race. The bottom line is the Democratic candidate MUST NOT WIN.

The United States is NOT a democracy. It is a representative republic. The people do not vote on each law at the national level. They do not write laws directly. The people elect representatives and the chief executive to do that work and handle the day-to-day operation of the Federal government. The elected officials are replaced or continue then at the will of the people at each election.

That form of government is at stake in 2016. We are on the brink. This election is different from any presidential election the country has ever had. A non-reversible change will occur if the Democratic candidate wins in 2016. Our three branches of government will continue in show only but will be converted into an effective tyranny.

But how will this happen?

As we all should know but some may not, our representative republic was created as three branches of government with what we call a “system of checks and balances.”

Here it is in simple terms.

The president is the day-to-day executive, running the military, representing the government internationally, and managing Federal operations.

The Congress writes laws and approves budgets, taxation, and treaties. The president can veto their laws, and the Congress can, in turn, override the president’s veto and other actions.

The third branch is the Supreme Court. It does not stand for election but consists of nine members appointed for life in order to provide a level of stability and immunity from electoral politics. The president and Congress check the power of the Supreme Court by being the ones who appoint its members and remove its members if necessary. The Supreme Court checks the power of the president and Congress by being able to overturn virtually anything they do.

It is a simple and ingenious system created by the founders of the United States. They were leery of creating an all powerful Federal government. Having just overthrown a tyrant king, they wanted a system that could never devolve into tyranny.

In reality there is a FOURTH branch of the republic that exists. It is the foundation that everything else depends on. Its destruction will clear the way to a very rapid descent into tyranny.

This fourth branch is the Constitution of the United States. The constitution is how the founders established the other three branches and the checks and balances as described above. It governs what the other three branches can and cannot do and legitimizes their power over the people.

The Constitution is not a “living document” as the political elite would have us believe. It says what it says and was meant to function as though set in stone. Yet, it is subject to checks and balances too. The president and the Supreme Court are meant to be obedient servants to and defenders of the Constitution as set forth in the Constitution itself. The Congress too is subject to the Constitution. But the Congress, the states, and the people have several options to actually change the “set in stone” words of the Constitution if deemed necessary. This is designed to be a difficult thing to do, requiring overwhelming support at the different stages of the process.

The key point here is that the Constitution establishes the power of the other three branches and governs them absolutely. But, not being in human form, just mere words on paper, it cannot actually do anything to enforce its power. In practice, it relies on the Supreme Court to do that.

When the Supreme Court decides to completely and permanently ignore the Constitution, then the Constitution will effectively cease to exist. At that point, the Supreme Court becomes the ultimate power and can sanction and uphold any action by the president or Congress, or strike down any such action.

An alliance of the majority of the 535 members of Congress and the majority of the nine members of the Supreme Court can rule over the people any way they choose. Elections can be reduced to a Soviet style event for show only, manipulated to achieve the desired outcome every time. The president can be limited and overruled at will. And, if the president is part of this alliance, the descent into tyranny becomes absolute and complete. A tyranny by 545 people is still a tyranny.

The Supreme Court now sits with 8 members instead of 9. Four of these members are solidly there for one reason and one reason only: not to uphold the constitution but to sanction and further the will of their Democratic Party masters. The very next appointee, to fill the vacancy recently left by the death of Justice Scalia, can provide the fifth Democratic Party puppet justice, giving them the majority needed to begin the absolute destruction of the fourth branch of government, the Constitution. This, in turn, is the beginning of tyranny and the end of the republic.

The president elected in 2016 will choose a new member of the Supreme Court. Yes, the appointee must be approved by Congress, but we all know that if the Democratic candidate wins she (or he) will get the chosen appointee eventually. A Democratic president is simply never going to nominate a defender of the Constitution, and the Republicans in Congress will not hold the vacancy open for four to eight years waiting for a president who will appoint one. So, the next president will fill that vacancy, period.

In addition to that, of the four members of the Supreme Court who, for the most part, still uphold the Constitution, one or more will likely be replaced during the term of the president elected in 2016. If that president is the Democratic candidate, then the process above will be repeated to fill such vacancies and create a super majority of puppet justices that will never be undone in time to save the Republic.

Whether you, the reader, are a loyal Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, or even a Socialist, the absolute rule of this nation by a majority of 545 people with no more checks and balances will not serve your vision for the country. These rulers will be unaccountable to the people in every way. The only sense of order and power will be theirs. Whenever that kind of absolute power has existed in the history of this world, it has never benefited the people or freedom. It always ends badly, if it ends at all.

This is not a partisan issue. The problem is those thirsty for such power have a near total hold on the free press and the Democratic Party. The press is not a watchdog working for the people any longer. And, the Democratic Party is not the “party of the little guy” any more. These two are simply in it for their power and that alone. No principles are left except for public manipulation purposes. No matter what you believe in, these people are NOT your champions and defenders. Their team must win, and that is all that matters to them.

Sadly, the Republican party consists of many who would rather be a part of that team than to see it defeated. As illogical as it is, they actually see a role for themselves in this coming system of absolute post-Constitutional power.

How do we ultimately stop this? I do not know. It will take time and will require the people to come to their senses. This election is not about stopping it for good. It is well under way and too massive to stop cold in its tracks.

The 2016 election is simply about not reaching the point of no return. If the Democrat wins and controls the Supreme Court, the Constitution is gone.

Therefore, the only issue, the single issue of this election is that the Democratic candidate, whoever it is, MUST NOT WIN the presidency in 2016.

As much as you might disagree with his stand on many things, it is fair to say that the Libertarian candidate for president certainly would not be a part of the cabal to lock down control of the Supreme Court. The problem is with so many loyal Democratic and Republican party voters, there is simply ZERO CHANCE the Libertarian candidate will win the Presidency in 2016. ZERO! It is a great fantasy if you want to have it, but it is not within the realm of possibility. As such, it does not provide a means of insuring that the Democratic candidate does not win.

The same is true of all the other lesser party options that exist with similar or even smaller support than the Libertarian candidate.

For all his unarguable flaws, for all the crazy circumstances that have brought us to him, Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate that has a non-zero chance of stopping a Democratic victory in 2016.

You can hate him. You can disagree with him. You can not be in his party. You can say he is a nut and inexperienced. It does not matter. He will not nominate puppet Supreme Court justices for the powers of tyranny and he has at least a chance of winning the election. That is all that matters now.

This is not like other election where we have to choose the lesser of two evils; hold our noses and vote. I truly believe the wrong choice this time, the worse of the two evils, is the final straw.

If you believe in the republic of the United States of America and want it to continue, you need to put aside everything else and vote for Donald Trump. He is not my desired candidate. He has a lot of weaknesses. And, to be fair, he is an accomplished man in the terms of this world. But, however much I agree with him on some things and disagree on others, he must win for this nation to avoid reaching the point of no return.

We can deal with any issues that come up during Trump’s term. What you oppose about him, you can fight through the normal political processes. But, if we go over the brink to tyranny, there will be no chance to turn it back. A Trump victory is not the cure. He is not the conservative champion many of us want. He is not the devil his opponents fear. He is a means to buy us more time to continue the political process; to make our cases liberal or conservative, libertarian or socialist.

Americans are routinely polled as saying the country is going down the wrong road. In November of 2016, you help choose whether we make the final turn down the final wrong road or keep looking for the right road.

Constitutio Fidelis

“…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” President Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, November 19, 1863

Reading Material

This past week has been fairly stressful and busy, so I haven’t had time to write posts that make any sense.  Fortunately, there are several columnists that have written on the topics that were on the subject list.

In the third and final debate, the Hildebeast got it absolutely wrong on both the Supreme Court’s decisions on Citizen’s United and Heller.  Citizen’s United wasn’t about campaign financing, and Heller certainly wasn’t about protecting toddlers from guns.  Read Steve Chapman’s article “Clinton Is a Threat to the 2nd Amendment – and the 1st” for more.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board agrees in their article “Hillary’s New Constitution” (summarized by Townhall’s Matt Vespa).  The Hildebeast’s Supreme Court would ignore the Constitution and render decisions of political and social justice.  Which means that any rights of the People in the Constitution and the Amendments are now subject to the whims of the political party in charge.  Make no mistake – whoever is elected as President will nominate the next Supreme Court Justice for life, and this will make or break the civil rights of this country.

How or why people are still voting for the Hildebeast after the many scandals, past and present, bewilders me.  We should be electing the best qualified person to the highest office in the land, not one that dodges and weaves around political and personal minefields.  Bruce Blalosky’s “I Don’t Recall, I Am Not Responsible, But Vote for Me for President” shows perfectly why a person with a supposedly stellar resume is ultimately disqualified for any political office, whether it be President or Dogcatcher.

Which now leads into trustworthiness.  The Hildebeast doesn’t have it.  She has been caught lying about lies that she told to cover up other lies. (which begs the question – do two wrongs make a right?  She seems to think so.).  I don’t trust her, and neither does Paul Jacob in his article, “The Once and Futures Queen”, Derek Hunter in his article “Why I Now Feel Compelled To Vote For Trump”, or Howard Hyde’s article “Hillary’s Bright Shining Lies”.

If the Hildebeast isn’t trustworthy, then neither is the media nor the Justice Department.

The media is supposed to be the gatekeepers of truth, exposing government and political malfeasance no matter which political party is involved.  This is apparent in the disparity of coverage between the very real scandals of the Hildebeast, her Foundation, the DNC, and those supposed scandals involving Trump.  An eye-opening article by Calrice Feldman “The Incestuous Left and Those Who Provide Cover for Them” shows that the media and others ignore what the Progressive Left (led by the Hildebeast) is doing to the American People.

The Justice Department, once looked upon as a non-political entity within the Government, has had that image shattered.  I remember watching FBI Director Comey lay out a perfect case for the Hildebeast’s Federal violations with using a private server with classified emails only to state that no charges would be filed.  Only a few days earlier, Attorney General Lynch privately met with the Hildebeast’s husband Slick Willie, and we can only speculate what deal or deals were made.  The willful, shameful behavior is continuing with the revelations by WikiLeaks and the Project Veritas videos.  Thomas Lifson has a short article (“FBI and DoJ are ignoring evidence of crimes in Project Veritas Action videos”) which is a quick read on the DOJ’s apparent bias.

Invariably, in the course of discussion, Trump’s recorded words, crass beyond belief, will be brought up as proof that he is sexist, misogynic, and a sexual predator in waiting, totally unfit for the office of President.  Considering that the Hildebeast’s husband did far worse (actions, not words) before, during, and after his two terms in office tears up the moral card that the Hildebeast’s campaign wants to play.  A. Castellitto had this to say:

Trump’s misbehavior is trivial compared to the Clintons’ record of criminality. No amount of extortion, assault, manipulation or deception is beyond the pale for those with the entitled ambition and self anointed superiority of the ruling class regardless of political affiliation. Political Correctness is just a cheap, smarmy and almost religious attempt to make the sin of straight talk as bad if not worse than the sin of nonconformity.  It’s merely the Marxists’ attempt to make all evils relative, so they may be rid of their guilt and culpability. Should sexual impropriety be judged in the same vein as violent rape? Maybe Bill Clinton could answer that.

Yesterday, Trump gave a speech at Gettysburg, PA, in which he laid out his plans for his first 100 days in office.  Timothy P. Farrell’s “20 reasons to vote for Donald Trump” is a perfect article to read as to why to vote for Trump.  Take both of these in context and compare to what the Hildebeast has in store for us, and there is no comparison.  The Hildebeast cannot become our Felon in Chief.

Besides, if the Cubs can make it to the World Series, Trump can make it to the White House.

Go Cubs!

Why People Will Vote for the Hildebeast

My wife and I were talking politics the other day, and she asked me why on Earth anyone  would vote for the Hildebeast.  I responded by listing the following (in no particular order):

  • Has a “D” for party affiliation
  • Is a Female
  • Has been in the public eye for 30-years
  • Was a First Lady
  • Was a Senator
  • Was Secretary of State
  • States that she is for “the little guy”
  • Conveniently ignore the many scandals, past and present

And went on with the following explanations and comments for each bullet point:

Has a “D” for party affiliation:  There are people in this country that will never, under any circumstance, vote for a Republican candidate.  To some of them, the Republican Party is akin to the spawn of Satan.  Others believe that if a Republican is elected, nationally or locally, their benefits will dry up and they would be forced to find work.  And yet others believe that the Democrats are the Party of Compassion (more on this later).  Regardless, these are the hard-core people that would never vote for a Republican candidate, no matter what Hell the Democrats unleashed upon the population.  All we have to do is take a look at cities that have had long-term Democratic rule, watched these cities implode, and Democrat candidates still being elected to know that this is a failing, insane strategy.

Is a Female:  Some people will vote for the Hildebeast just because she is a woman.  They believe that she would stand up for women’s rights (equal pay, sexual harassment, etc.).  Others want to be in on electing the very first woman President.  Still others identify with the Hildebeast believing that a “woman’s touch” is needed to right the country.  If this is their idea of the ideal woman candidate, I can think of the Queen from Snow White being a better candidate, poisoned apple and all…

Has been in the public eye for 30-years:  The Hildebeast has been around for a long time, mostly playing second fiddle to Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton.  Now it’s her time to shine, especially after…

Was a First Lady:  Starting off as the First Lady of Arkansas, then moving on up to the East Coast as First Lady of the United States, she moved through the halls of power, being the power behind the throne upon which Bill sat.  Of course, through it all, she covered for him and ran interference for his many “misdeeds” with female personnel.  So now it’s her turn as the hurt wife.

Was a Senator:  After leaving the White House (with the china), she immediate landed in New York and became a Senator for that state until becoming the Secretary of State under Obummer as the consolation prize after a failed bid for the Presidency.  Just another bullet point on the resume…

Was Secretary of State:  For the first four years of the Obummer Presidency, the Hildebeast jetted all over the globe meeting and dealing with world leaders.  This at least gives the illusion of competency even though every “deal” that she had a hand in has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East while lining her pockets through “donations” to the Clinton Foundation.  But it’s the illusion that matters, and another bullet point on the resume.

States that she is for “the little guy”:  The Democrats have always portrayed themselves as for “the little guy” and the Hildebeast is no different.  She speaks on the campaign trail that she will stick up for women’s rights like equal pay (while paying female Clinton Foundation employees 18% less than their male counter parts), and preventing or protecting against sexual assault (unless they’re in bed with or attacked by Bill, or if self-defense involves a firearm).  She supposedly sympathizes with small businesses, citing the example of her father’s drapery business.  She has adopted the Bernie platform of free stuff, and admits that she will have to raise taxes to pay for it all (after all, the money has to come from somewhere, and the rich’s “fair share” in taxes (except for herself and her cronies) won’t be enough to cover the bill).  She constantly portrays herself as a civil justice warrior, fighting the good fight against police racism and siding with the “oppressed” Black Lives Matter group.  This is despite that many of her political platforms will, upon further inspection, will destroy the very people that she purports herself to be protecting.

Conveniently ignore the many scandals, past and present:  This is probably the most extreme example of blind ignorance that I have ever seen.  The scandals, blood, bodies, and money that the Hildebeast has been able to avoid responsibility for is almost beyond belief.  There are thirty some years of public records showing ethical and moral bankruptcy, of destroying lives and careers, of doing anything it would take to advance herself, her agenda, and increase her bank account.  And yet these records are being ignored by voters who want to elect a corrupt, vengeful, hateful woman to the highest office in this land.

Postscript:  As I’m writing this post, news reports of Trump’s 11-year old lewd conversation are being widely condemned by the media and various leaders in both political parties.  Trump has apologized, and his wife has stated publically that she has forgiven him for his statements. 

In closing, I would like to add this excerpt from Robert Charles from his article at Townhall.com:

…If we are imperfect humans, we still have a right to expect more from our candidates for high office.  We must – in the end – vote our conscience, vote to preserve the US Supreme Court and our security, avoid ingrained public corruption and degradation both, to the greatest extent possible. 

I cannot vote for what seems to me, on overwhelming public evidence, a massive criminal enterprise, one that boggles the mind with each new email release.  To me, one candidate’s brazen criminal intent, bold disrespect for rule of law, arrogance and indifference to our Nation’s core principles disqualifies her from future public service.  But I cannot easily vote for what seems a candidate who makes a mockery of human respect, civility, decency and seriousness of purpose without degradation and disgust. 

I would also invite the readers of this post to read Jack Hellner’s post at American Thinker for the media’s focus on providing the public a squirrel to chase.

No, it isn’t easy to vote for an imperfect person.  But that is the choice that we have before us.

God Help Us and the United States.