Progressive Burn

Without much time to blog these days, I’m finding myself having to rely on the “picture is worth a thousand words” concept.  With that being said, let’s get started:

The following is what the Progressive Liberal in the White House has been doing since he has been elected.  One can only wonder what his real endgame is, but we do know what another “progressive socialist” did and plunged the world into war.

I’m not letting the Republicans off the hook either – they have been complicit in the machinations of the Divider in Chief…

Next on the list are the candidates running for the Democratic nomination for President.

I’ve chronicled here and in other places the unsuitability of the Hildebeast for the office.  Her health issues, lack of a moral compass, disrespect for the Constitution and the People of the United States are only the tip of the iceberg of scandals & bodies upon which she stands.  How in the hell can people actually believe that she is qualified for any house except the Big House is beyond me.

Bernie Sanders isn’t much better.  Take a look at the following graphic:

bernie the bum

And Bernie wants to do this to fund his version of “a chicken in every pot” campaign slogan:

feel the bern

Bernie (and the Hildabeast) also wants government-run healthcare for everyone.  However, the example that we have doesn’t bode well for anyone if that comes to pass.  The example?

VA bern

Let’s also remember that both of these candidates feel that once elected that they can write the laws that govern the United States, and have said so in various speeches.  Both of them want to violate the Constitution’s First and Second Amendments in order to further their progressive agendas.  They need to be reminded of the following:

president cannot write law

This also goes for the Republican candidates as well – a couple of them have stated their ignorance of the Constitution.

first banned items

Last on my list for today is the apparent inability of college-age students to deal with reality.  I’ll let the following do the talking for me:

offensive word protection

participation award

Safe Spaces


Just a few quick thoughts…

If a Liberal Progressive is nominated and approved to the Supreme Court, we might as well kiss out individual liberties goodbye and welcome a dystopian 1984 world.  Those who have read the novel will understand.

I’m not surprised that President Obama will not be attending Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s funeral.  He has always regarded the Supreme Court as an impediment to his “transformation” of the United States to his vision.

Besides, it will get in the way of his trip to visit the Castros in Cuba…

There is one campaign promise that Obama has kept, and that is of a transparent administration – transparently corrupt and anti-American…

Power does matter.  How else could the Clintons have been involved in so many scandals, left so many bodies behind them, and still stay out of jail?

From the glass house category – It was very disturbing to hear the Pope calling gun manufacturers and owners Christian faith into question, and making statements about how un-Christian it is to build walls when the Vatican is surrounded by both walls and armed guards.

Too bad the Bible is full of references about building walls around cities (ref the Book of Nehemiah) and arming oneself (ex Luke 22:36) to defend oneself from harm.  Perhaps the Holy Father should study the Bible more and keep away from the political issues of the world…

Seventy-four years ago yesterday (Feb 19), FDR signed an order placing 110,000 American citizens and immigrants into incarceration camps without any due process of law.  They had committed no crimes whatsoever other than looking like the Japanese that the United States was at war with.

Let’s remember 2 things from this:

1)  This was the greatest civil rights violation perpetuated by the United Stated Federal government.

2)  Anyone who believes that this cannot happen again is fooling themselves – If We the People elect another narcissist to the White House and they percieve a threat to themselves, the full weight of the Federal Government will be brought to bear upon those deemed “undesirable” and a threat to the country.

Restricting immigration is not inhumane – it’s common sense, especially if there are questions concerning the person or people wanting to immigrate.  One only has to look at what is happening in Europe with unrestricted immigration to understand that the people of the countries are in danger and under attack.

Apple’s reluctance to hack the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone is understandable.  Apple has spent a great deal of time and money to secure the user’s data within these devices.  To open a backdoor into a user’s data is not only a potential public relations disaster, but opens up the devices to exploits by hackers – or an unscrupulous government…

The “no-fly” lists are a violation of a citizen’s rights under the Fifth Amendment.  When coupled together with other restrictions upon a person, the power of the government becomes overwhelming and complete.

The Constitution and the accompanying Amendments are “living” i.e., that they are indeed the founding basis of law for the citizens of the United States.  They will die if the rules of law are subverted and ignored by the same elected people who are sworn to uphold them.  Laws that are non-discriminatory are what creates the atmosphere for equal opportunity for everyone.  Laws based on a perception of “leveling the playing field” and social injustice (ex. tax the rich) create the inequality that such laws claim to correct.

Think of the current crop of Presidential candidates, and choose the one that supports the Constitution, supports the People of the United States equally, and supports the United States around the world.

This is how America will become a greater nation than before.

Supreme Court–It Matters!

With the death of Justice Scalia, the Supreme Court can potentially become an anti-Constitution entity, throwing the country into a downward spiral.  Ben Shapiro had this to say:

In the end, Scalia’s death could mark the end of the Constitution itself. That’s because the current Supreme Court rested, until Scalia’s death, on the vague, confused, indeterminate philosophy of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who apparently decides cases on the basis of whether he has a solid bowel movement that morning. That means that half the time, the Constitution has a shot, as in Citizens United; the other half of the time, the Constitution drains away into the mists of Kennedy’s magical social justice thinking, as in Obergefell.

Unlike Kennedy, Scalia represented a consistent vote for a Constitution beyond modern progressive power politics. But with his death, President Obama now has the power to appoint a fifth justice to join hard-left social engineers Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If the Republican Senate allows President Obama to select Scalia’s successor, the left will have a complete monopoly on the Supreme Court. Within the next few years, Citizens United will be overturned, restoring limits on free speech; the Supreme Court will render the Second Amendment meaningless by reinterpreting the right to bear arms as a non-personal right; freedom of religion will be made subservient to same-sex marriage and abortion priorities; the death penalty will be ruled unconstitutional; unions will be allowed to continue confiscating the dollars of people who disagree with them politically; redistricting along leftist lines will return. Scalia ensured that the Supreme Court wasn’t a transformative institution; now it will become the chief tool in the left’s arsenal.

The Republican controlled Senate had better grow a pair with a spine to keep this President from ending this country of ours.