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John Boehner announced earlier this week his resignation as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  This means that the House will not vote to remove him, but to find a replacement.  The front runner is California Republican representative Kevin McCarthy, who is the House Majority Leader, who has a conservative rating of 45% from Conservative Review.  Other contenders are Republicans Jim Jordan (92%) from Ohio and Tom Price (70%) from Georgia.

Time will only tell if Boehner’s replacement will do any better in holding Conservative values up against an increasingly lawless President and Progressive/Liberal Democrats.

The Pope made a historic address to Congress this past week.  That address can be found here, and I will let you draw your own conclusions from his speech.

Robert already stole my thoughts on the deception that Islam permits against all other faiths and people.  I can’t add much else to his comments except with the below:

muslim oath



I simply do not understand the stink that has been raised with the following:


Has our world gone completely insane?  Our teachers are charged with keeping our children safe, and to determine if a threat exists.  When kids bring weapons into the schools (think Columbine here), wouldn’t teachers be on the lookout for potential issues?

Besides, there are several reports that this kid didn’t invent the clock that was found – he only repackaged an existing alarm clock, probably to get attention.  It also doesn’t help his case that this parents are known extremists, and his sister was suspended from school .  But that doesn’t matter – he gets attention, showered with gifts, and an invitation from the President.

ahmed mohamed microsoft

From Investor’s Business Daily:

Turns out that 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed of Irving, Texas, never invented a clock, and had no reason to bring the suspicious-looking device to school. But everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to President Obama was fooled by what appears to have been a hoax designed to muster sympathy for Muslims accused of terrorism, while putting police on their heels and undermining the “see something, say something” directive for citizen vigilance. Here’s the real story:

  • There was no “school project” or science assignment to justify Mohamed bringing the device to school.
  • Just three weeks into his freshman year, Mohamed was no “science whiz well-known by high school teachers for tinkering.”
  • The “clock” wasn’t made from scratch but just the guts of a mass-manufactured digital clock, complete with AC cord and 9-volt backup battery connection.
  • With its exposed wires and lack of a face, the gutted clock looked like a bomb. It also sounded like a bomb: The alarm was set to go off during English class; the beeping startled the teacher who called police.
  • When police questioned Mohamed, he wasn’t cooperative and was described as “disrespectful.”
  • The police chief said the device was “intended to create a level of alarm; in other words, a hoax bomb.”
  • Mohamed’s Sudanese father — a Muslim political activist involved in previous Muslim grievances — reportedly asked the cops to re-handcuff his son — so his daughter could take the photo that went viral.
  • Mohamed tweeted: “Thank you fellow supporters. We can ban together to stop this racial inequality.”
  • The family’s spokesperson is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a terror-tied group that in 2006 sued US Airways for kicking several Muslim activists off a flight for behaving suspiciously and rattling passengers — a stunt that looks eerily similar.

Looks like the President jumped ahead of the facts – again – before getting the whole story.





Fourteen Years Earlier…

…terrorists flew four planes into three buildings and a field, killing almost 3,000 people.  A terrible tragedy that provided a wakeup call to the country that there is a movement in the world that will do everything in its power to destroy this country and it’s people.

Shortly after these attacks, President George Bush spoke to the American people and made these remarks during that speech:

“…Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen…

“…the only way to defeat terrorism as a threat to our way of life is to stop it, eliminate it, and destroy it where it grows.”

It seems that the leadership of this country has learned nothing in the intervening years, instead negotiating with a country that sponsors terrorism across the world and calls for the downfall of this country even during negotiations.  We have also seen an increase in terrorism around the world, and atrocities committed by an Islamic group which goes out of it’s way to publicize executions of Christians and non-believers on social media.  Our leaders response is to yawn and have nothing else to say while giving token support to our allies in the region.

Both Iran and ISIS state that they will not stop until the infidel nations are conquered and their people subjugated or executed.  They call for all Muslims to rise up worldwide to cause havoc and mayhem in the name of their prophet.  The Administration’s response is that we need to sit down, talk with them, and help them understand that their actions are not acceptable.


“Whether we like it or not, I believe that the Islamic terrorists are going to do their damnest to make this into a religious war from whatever it can be called now. They will use the classic good vs. evil argument, an us-vs.-them conflict in the name of a jihad (religious war, for those of you in Rio Linda). They will plot, plan, and execute attacks that will cause large numbers of casualties. And the elitist idiots among us will wring their hands crying, “We don’t understand! We were talking!” Understand this, you Brie-eaters – there are people in the world that want to kill you just for the reason that you exist!! And we still seem to pursue the idiotic mantra of appeasement to those who wish nothing more than to destroy our country and subjugate us to their religion.” – Tom Roland, 2006

Lest we forget –

“If you are unwilling to defend even your own lives, then you are like mice trying to ‘negotiate’ with owls.  You regard their ways as ‘wrong’, they regard you as dinner. – John Farnam

Our government is “negotiating” a deal with Iran to not develop nuclear weapons.  The agreement is fundamentally flawed, giving Iran everything possible to develop those weapons – unfreezing bank accounts (which will go toward funding terrorism and weapons development), a laughable inspection program, and no real consequences.  And somehow, this “deal” is being hailed as a landmark negotiation to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of a state that sponsors terrorism across the planet.

I remember this history lesson from High School (back when schools actually taught something beside social justice and hand holding):

“The Imam and his soldiers would ride into the village and after all resistance had been eliminated, the villagers would be herded into the town square.  The surviving village elders would then be singled out and then told that they and their people would submit and convert to Islam.  They would approach the first elder, and if he refused, would then be beheaded.  And down the line they went until the surviving elder would command the villagers to convert.  It usually didn’t take that many elders getting their heads cut off before Islam added another village to their fold.

“The lesson was simple:  Infidels will convert to Islam or die. Islam requires the faithful to spread their faith, with violence if necessary, and to show no mercy.  And by the way, the Koran commands such actions.” – Tom Roland, 2014 

The Administration’s actions are a recipe for disaster, a step toward capitulation.  If our government so fears the Islamic terrorists, then…

“..we might as well just give up & pledge allegiance to Allah, put the women in burkas, scrap the Constitution & Bill of Rights, and put all of the “undesirables” according to Islamic law (such as Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, homosexuals, Feminists, free-thinkers & other non-Islamics) to death.” – Tom Roland, 2006

And I wonder who is truly insane – our inept Administration or the terrorists that want to destroy the world in order to make it into their version of Heaven?  The Administration has forgotten:

“The American people are now at war, not with a nation, but with an ideology that hates this country and all of it’s citizens. These people live, think, sleep, and eat with the thought of killing us and destroying this country that we live in simply because they do not like us for the freedoms we enjoy (especially the one about freedom to worship). And their reward for doing so is their version of heaven. And knowing all of this, there are those who still believe that these fanatics can be negotiated with.” – Tom Roland, 2006

Our country has been effectively neutered with this Administration and its sycophants in the media, and that puts all of us, including our allies, in grave danger. 

“We must rid ourselves of the foolish notion that we’re being broadminded when we ignore vitriolic loathing of our culture and our lifestyle. Refusing to take action against evil for fear of being guilty of stereotyping has resulted in flag-draped coffins for thirteen of America’s finest. What occurred at Fort Hood is even more stunning because it exposes a weak-willed mentality that has become woven into the fabric of the mightiest military force in the history of the world.

“When we think of political correctness, we usually view it as confined to the Hollywood crowd and other assorted leftists. The fact that it has invaded the ranks of those who defend our freedom, here and around the world, is more than a bit alarming. We must not let the death of those soldiers count for nothing! If this unspeakable horror invokes a new paradigm in our approach to the enemies within, those who lost their lives will rest in peace, knowing that their sacrifice has taught us a lesson that will save countless other lives in the future. On the other hand, if we don’t view this as a wake-up call and take appropriate action, the date of our destruction can’t be far off.” – Bob Wier, American Thinker

Like Rome, Troy, and countless other civilizations and cities, we are being destroyed from within.  Our Administration is doing a bang up job not only domestically, but internationally as well.

While we remember the fallen on this day, we also need to pray for the country, our government, and our People, for we all need it.  Otherwise, we are doomed.

Lives Do Matter

Let’s get started with a few thoughts and pictures:

I am not a racist.  I do not believe that any one race is superior to another.  I also don’t care what race, sex, gender or religion you are; no one deserves to be discriminated against.  A person also does not deserve any special privileges depending on what race, gender, sexual preference, or religion they may be.  I also do not believe that anyone should enjoy special “privileges” in getting a leg up on any other race or group to equalize a perceived “social injustice.” – Tom Roland, “What Lives Matter?”


fed up






all Iives matter march

The political agenda of this Administration has been one of division, not unity.  The election of Barack Obama to this nation’s highest office with the expectation of uniting this country from a racial standpoint has been a woeful disappointment.

Every time that there has been an incident of where a white (or white-Hispanic) person or police officer has killed a black person (often while committing a criminal act), the President has rushed to defending said black person without allowing the investigation process to be completed, often indirectly blaming the police officer.  Now when a police officer has been killed (eight within the past week alone), the President has said NOTHING!  When a white person has been killed by a black person or illegal immigrant, the President has also said NOTHING!  When blacks kill blacks in an almost daily occurrence in our large cities like Chicago and Detroit, the President says NOTHING!  Worse, when riots and protests erupt demanding the prosecution and conviction of said police officers or white people, the President says NOTHING!

The result is that the police have been withdrawing from putting themselves on the line.  In cities like Baltimore and Ferguson, crime is up and arrests are down.  Why should police officers put themselves in potentially dangerous situations that could require them to defend themselves?  Let’s remember something:

blue (1)

The Black Lives Matter crowd and Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam have called for a war against police and white people.  We have seen what appear to be executions of various police officers, and black against white crimes have increased.  What does the President have to say about these obviously racially motivated statements and actions?  NOTHING!!

We do not have a leader in the White House.  This has been proven in both domestic and international issues.  We have a pretender, a person who believes his own hype and ego, and is only in the perks of the office & what havoc he can inflict upon the country. 

America, we chose poorly…

election consequences