NYPD and Beyond

Two New York City policeman were killed Saturday in an ambush-styled attack.  The murderer reportedly ran into a nearby subway, was confronted, and killed himself.  The killer’s online posts also reportedly stated that he was going to kill police officers in retaliation for the Eric Gardner and Michael Brown deaths at the hands of police officers.

This is just my opinion and I sincerely hope it does not come true, but this may just be the beginning of a rash of violence targeted toward police officers.  Here’s why I think this.

The outrage of the race-hustlers from the White House on down to the protesters in the streets over the Gardner and Brown deaths has been loud, long, and calling for “social justice.”  The facts of either case do not matter (both Gardner and Brown were engaged in criminal activities) as long as someone “pays” for the perceived racism.  Indeed, a protest march in NYC called for “dead cops” and protests across the nation called for justice despite the findings of two different Grand Juries.

It also does not help that various political figures make statements that do not calm, but continue the narrative that police are racist.  The usual race-hustlers grandstand and incite the crowds to a frenzy.  The result is that an individual, possibly mentally disturbed (my thought), responded to the invective speeches and went to New York City to kill two policeman.

Is this now what we are to expect?  The rule of law being subverted by vigilantism?  If so, then why would we need police or a judicial system?  I shudder to think of the consequences of that path.

During 2014, a reported 108 police officers were killed feloniously last year and untold others assaulted. The police have a right to defend themselves and they have a duty to get the upper hand when dealing with criminals. They owe it to themselves, their family and the community they protect and defend from the criminal element.  Take a look at the video on the following link, and perhaps you’ll understand that a police officer has a very dangerous job (https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=818006664924336&fref=nf)

As far as I’m concerned, Al Sharpton has the blood of these two officers on his hands as he has been the loudest voice for retribution against the police.  New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Attorney General Eric Holder, and President Obama also have a part in this incident, and share the responsibility of the officer’s deaths by not actively supporting the police or the system of justice we have in this country.

The challenge that I’m giving the above named people is to support the rule of law, work within the law to bring about the change that is needed to restore the relationships of the police and the communities that they work in, and most of all, tone down the rhetoric.  Obviously, the speechmaking isn’t working…