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Not any one topic, but comments on the past week’s events.

This past Monday was Tax Day, where all Patriots paid their fair share.  Except, of course, those who believe that they are Patriots regardless of what they pay in taxes.

President Obama’s effective tax rate was released to be a little over 18%, which was reduced from a larger rate by huge charitable contributions.  While I applaud his contributions to charity (although I do wonder who got the money), I was always under the impression that the Liberals (including the President) wanted the government to get their cut first to fund all their pet projects. 

I guess not…

Also this past Monday, two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon.  Three people were killed, many more maimed, and countless nightmares for years to come were created.  The terrorists (yes, I will use that word even though the PC among us won’t) were found with one killed and the other wounded.  It seems that the surviving terrorist is Muslim, a teenager, and a naturalized American citizen.  From the reports that I have read and heard, he is being questioned without being read his rights nor with an attorney present.

There are several comments that I have on this situation.

The first, as much as it pains me to say it, is that since this person is reputedly an American citizen, he now bears the rights and privileges of an American citizen.  This includes the right to counsel and the right not to incriminate himself.

The next is that this person must be questioned intensely to find out what & who he knows, and where he learned to make bombs.  Somehow, as he is a teenager, I find it hard to believe that he is the mastermind behind all of this.

Last is that I believe that this is the first of many attacks by terrorists of Muslim origin.  I know the Muslim faith is portrayed as a religion of peace, and many followers do not believe in these attacks, but actions throughout the world call into question that premise.  From a post in 2006:

Our media and politicians make excuses for Islamic terrorists, thinking that they are misunderstood and that we, as a country, need to understand why they hate us. That way, we can change so that they will “like us,” and will stop the killing.

Unfortunately, the killing has been going on for centuries, and will not stop anytime soon. A religion that goes ballistic over cartoons and cannot stand scrutiny is a religion that doesn’t need excuses, but accountability for it’s actions and justification for its existence. To state that it is a religion of peace and yet foment violence against non-believers is hypocritical in the extreme.

Whether we like it or not, I believe that the Islamic terrorists are going to do their damnest to make this into a religious war from whatever it can be called now. They will use the classic good vs. evil argument, an us-vs.-them conflict in the name of a jihad (religious war, for those of you in Rio Linda). They will plot, plan, and execute attacks that will cause large numbers of casualties. And the elitest idiots among us will wring their hands crying, “We don’t understand! We were talking!” Understand this, you Brie-eaters – there are people in the world that want to kill you just for the reason that you exist!! And we still seem to pursue the idiotic mantra of appeasement to those who wish nothing more than to destroy our country and subjugate us to their religion.

I look at Iran’s headlong rush to nuclear power & it’s stated goal of wiping Israel off the map, and it just adds an exclamation point to the above.

Gun control banning legislation was defeated this past week, although by the slimmest of margins.  The anti-gun anti-Second Amendment crowd is vowing to keep pushing for gun control banning legislation to be passed.

What is just absolutely insane is that these people are standing upon the bodies of children pushing this legislation in their names, and the proposed legislation would have done nothing to prevent the tragedy in the first place!!  Passing legislation that restricts the rights of the law abiding and does nothing to resolve the real problem is useless at best and un-Constitutional at worst.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, one of the health reform law’s chief authors, says he’s worried about a “huge train wreck coming down” if the Obama administration doesn’t improve its public outreach about the legislation.

We told Senator Baucus and the rest of the Demorats that this was a bad idea from the start.  Too bad they didn’t listen, and worse that we’re the ones that are going to be affected the most.

Last, a Texas fertilizer plant blew up last Wednesday, killing 15 people including 10 firefighters.  Our prayers go to their families.


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