Post Election Comments / Veteran’s Day

After every election, the losing party usually asks, “What went wrong?”  The pundits have put in their two-cents worth, so I guess I’ll put in mine.

Regardless of what the analysts say, Mitt Romney was not the strongest candidate that the Republicans could have fielded.  Candidates were fielded, debated, self-destructed, and otherwise failed the test.  The only one left standing was Mitt Romney.  There were other names / people that were approached for running for the Republican nomination, but they weren’t interested (at least at that time).

Mitt Romney had his baggage, and the Obama campaign did their best to capitalize on it.  Obama has his too, especially his lackluster performance for his first term, but not enough was made of that by the Romney campaign.  And both campaigns spent obscene amounts of money for ads in their respective efforts.

For a rather comprehensive lists of reasons for the election turning out the way it did, here’s a link to the Real Clear Politics article, “21 Reasons for Obama’s Victory and Romney’s Defeat

Tom’s Place salutes our Veterans, for without their service and sacrifice, we wouldn’t have elections or the freedoms that we still have.



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