The Election Campaign

I’m slacking – I have not watched the last debate between Obama and Romney although I do have it recorded.  But no matter – the pundits are doing an adequate job of dissecting the debate and the candidates.

What does matter is that both candidates are bombarding the swing states with every campaign ad possible – dirty or not – in that last-minute effort to get the undecided voters to cast their ballot for them.  My wife was visiting an Aunt in Findley, OH, and every TV commercial break was full of campaign ads.  I imagine it’s the same in each swing state.

[Which is understandable, especially since I heard that Obama’s re-election campaign has raised over a billion dollars toward that end.  I’m not sure what Romney’s campaign has raised for his bid, but make no mistake – it is absolutely obscene that this kind of money is being spent on electing politicians to a public office.]

I’m not sure how the Benghazi debacle is going to play out in the election.  Rather, I think it’s going to be the economy, and how Obamacare is going to affect everyone’s wallet when the “premiums” take effect next year, and that’s if anyone is thinking ahead.  The polls so far have the candidates at a statistical dead heat, although Real Clear Politics show this morning that Obama has the lead in the Electoral College count.

We’ll have to see what happens in this next week before the election – who will make a mistake, and who will shine.


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