That’s Debatable (Cont.)

Having watched the second Presidential debate, Obama is really getting under my skin more and more.  He certainly has picked up some of Joe Biden’s debate tactics.

What I found offensive is this:  During a segment that Romney was speaking, Obama made comments in the background, breaking the decorum (and rules) of the debate.  He did this constantly, and finally Romney started doing the same.  Nothing like being uncivil to make your point, eh, Mr. President?  The second thing that Irked me was that Romney challenged Obama directly at least twice (possibly three times) with questions that Obama delayed, dodged, and weaved in answering (if he could or did at all).

And all of this happening with an obviously biased toward Obama moderator.  And the media outlets wonder why the public is abandoning them as an information source.

Last were the whoppers that Obama told.  Michael Ramirez had this one that summed up two of my sticking points:

There were others, but the above summed up with a relevant punch line.

The next debate subject is going to be on foreign policy, something that I feel that Obama has botched tremendously and Romney must attack Obama’s record.  The Arab Spring is rapidly turning into an Arab Nightmare with Islamic radicals dominating governments of the Mideast.  Iran is closer to a nuclear bomb (and folks, sanctions aren’t going to do a damn thing to deter the mullahs from acquiring a means to turn Israel into a sea of radioactive glass).  Obama has alienated many of our allies (including Great Britain and Israel), and tried unsuccessfully to woo our enemies with apologies and foreign aid dollars.  If anything, the region is more unstable than when Obama took office.  And then there is the Benghazi fiasco:

If Obama has repeatedly stated that he will protect American interests, but cannot provide protection for our Ambassadors and Embassies, then how good is his word?  Not very good, I expect…He’s proved that several times, in my opinion.

From his performance in the second debate, Obama didn’t do very well with confrontational questions from Romney.  In some respects, that showed me that he wanted to stay on script (both candidates answered the questions with as many talking points as possible) rather than answer any questions directly.  It will be interesting to see what spin he puts on (and how he weathers) some tough questions by the moderator and his opponent.

But I’m not holding my breath…


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