That’s Debatable…

Having watched the first Presidential and the Vice-Presidential debates, I can only walk away from the TV and shake my head in amazement and disgust.  You’ll understand as you read further into this post.

The First Presidential Debate

The impression that I had from this debate is that Mitt Romney was the winner, an opinion borne out by the various pundits and commentators.  Obama looked and acted like he wanted to be somewhere else.  I’ll not go into the various points and topics as those have been discussed and rehashed by the many political commentators ad nauseum over the past couple of weeks.

The Vice-Presidential Debate

The impression that I had from this debate is that it was a tie.  Paul Ryan stayed on topic and put his clearly rehearsed points forward wherever he could (which was most of the time).  Joe Biden hit back, questioning constantly the statements that Ryan made.  But he did so in a very undignified manner, interrupting constantly in a manner that one could call rude and bullying.  There was a spirited give and take, and Ryan was not a pushover by any means, but credit must be given to Ryan for not rising to the bait and telling Biden to shut up.

My Impressions

If you are of one political party or another, chances are that the debates would not make you change your mind about who you would vote for.  After all, being a member of a political party usually means that you are going to vote for the party’s nominee.

However, if you are not affiliated with a political party, or you do not follow in lockstep with your party’s platform or nominee, then the debates are a way to observe and evaluate the candidates free of the media’s sound bites.  And to me, a person that would like to think of themselves as open minded and not affiliated with either party, this is a rare opportunity to really see the candidate’s character.  And yes, I truly believe in voting for the best person for the job regardless of their political party affiliation.  And I’ve done it.

During his debate, Romney showed the leadership qualities that made him a success in the boardroom.  I saw glimpses of the person that would drive the important agendas forward.  Yes, you may or may not believe that Bain Capital was a good company, but one needs to remember that the purpose of the company is to make a profit.  Romney, as the head of that company, had a duty to the company’s shareholders to make the company successful and return interest on the money invested in the company.  And he was successful at it.  The impression that he gave is that he would do the same with the Presidency – successfully lead the United States out of the current economic depression.

During his debate, Obama seemed to be disinterested, not following or defending points raised during the debate.  I do not believe that he looked at Romney once during the debate, looking down or at the moderator instead (I have no idea why, although I suspect that he was looking at the moderator for help).  He did not appear to be a leader, much less the President.  There was no commanding presence emanating from him.

Given the above, it’s no wonder that Romney was declared the winner of the first debate.

During the Vice-Presidential debate, the part that I found to be most disturbing was that Biden was constantly grinning, smirking, belittling, chuckling, and otherwise being rude and disrespectful of not only of his opponent, but of the moderator and the solemnity of the debate.  True, he was definitely more animated that Obama during his debate, but this was so over the top it made one wonder who this person was.  After all, this person is the next person in line to lead the country should something happen – and this is the best person that could be found?

For staying on topic and treating the debate with the seriousness and dignity of discussing issues, this debate should go to Ryan.  For treating the debate like a joke, Biden needs to take a time out in the corner.

An Opinion

Romney and Ryan appear to be seriously taking the responsibility of the campaign and the implications of being elected seriously.  They appear to be non-nonsense, let’s get it done for the American People.  Their images have been boosted by the compare and contrast provided by the debates, and their talking points are spot-on (at least from my perspective).

Obama and Biden cannot rest on their accomplishments over the past four years.  Their overall performance has been dismal, and the debates did not show independents many reasons for supporting them for the next four years.  Yes, they passed the stimulus for non-existent shovel-ready jobs, a 2,700-page healthcare reform that is mind-boggling in its scope and negative economic impact, and are overseeing a floundering economy with multiple foreign relations disasters.

I wasn’t sure about the Romney-Ryan ticket, but I feel better about these two being better able and capable of leading this country than the current administration.  I know there is pain coming, but which is going to be better for the long run?  And if you, the voter, seriously think about the past non-accomplishments of the current administration (which ran on the “Hope and Change” mantra and no specifics) vs. the stated plans of the challengers, I believe that the right choices would be for the challengers.

As a side note, the series that I was planning on writing will not make it in time for the elections.  However, it will be coming out in drips and drabs over the next few months.  I just have no time nor the number of followers to make it a priority.

4 thoughts on “That’s Debatable…

  1. Biden acted the ass in the VP Debate. One of my online friends called him a “filibastard.” The term fits!

    I’m not sure that these debates are going to change any voters’ minds. Those who are undecided at this point MAY consider the debates as part of their decision at the ballot box, but they will consider other factors, too.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    1. Obama took his cue from ole Joe in his second debate with Romney. I don’t think it played well with some people. It didn’t with me.

  2. Just got back to the site. I didn’t watch the debates and never will. I’ve seen and heard and read more than I ever wanted to of this president and administration and don’t like any of it. If you have the time and are willing get on G+. In fact come to think of it I might put this article on G+ myself.
    “Semper Fi”

    1. Mike, I don’t think that anyone reading my blog likes what Obama and his minions have done over the past 4 years. I try to keep an open mind when watching the debates, but the level of BS spouted by Obama is unprecedented in my opinion.

      By all means, put a link on G+! I haven’t had the time to investigate the new Google + (shoot, I’m a newbee on Twitter!!), but now I have reason to look. Thanks!

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