Just a Short Post for This Week

I’m taking some time in writing a post that is tentatively titled,”Taxes, Healthcare, Government, Politics, and Our Disappearing Rights.”  Almost sounds like a novel…and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a long post.  And to do it right requires some research, which means just a short post this week.

In this election year with voting a little over a month away & the beginning of the Presidential debates occurring this week, I think it’s important to tie together at least one of the driving forces within our government – the taxes that are collected and spent supposedly all for the common good.  That’s right, supposedly.  I don’t think that anyone in their right mind thinks otherwise (the Leftists think otherwise, but perhaps that’s another post).  And healthcare is just the latest expenditure on the docket that we need to fund.

And all of this is almost drowned by the noise generated by the Administration’s reversal on whether the attack on the US Embassy was or was not a preplanned terrorist attack, the President’s address to the UN, the expose of the media slanting polls & the news (really? I hadn’t noticed…), and the most important news item of the week…

…settlement of the NFL referee strike… (snark!!)

It’s no wonder we have the government we do – we’re not paying attention to the children with multi-billion dollar cookie jars…with an unlimited number of cookies borrowed from a Chinese bakery…

God help us all!


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