Just a Short Post for This Week

I’m taking some time in writing a post that is tentatively titled,”Taxes, Healthcare, Government, Politics, and Our Disappearing Rights.”  Almost sounds like a novel…and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a long post.  And to do it right requires some research, which means just a short post this week.

In this election year with voting a little over a month away & the beginning of the Presidential debates occurring this week, I think it’s important to tie together at least one of the driving forces within our government – the taxes that are collected and spent supposedly all for the common good.  That’s right, supposedly.  I don’t think that anyone in their right mind thinks otherwise (the Leftists think otherwise, but perhaps that’s another post).  And healthcare is just the latest expenditure on the docket that we need to fund.

And all of this is almost drowned by the noise generated by the Administration’s reversal on whether the attack on the US Embassy was or was not a preplanned terrorist attack, the President’s address to the UN, the expose of the media slanting polls & the news (really? I hadn’t noticed…), and the most important news item of the week…

…settlement of the NFL referee strike… (snark!!)

It’s no wonder we have the government we do – we’re not paying attention to the children with multi-billion dollar cookie jars…with an unlimited number of cookies borrowed from a Chinese bakery…

God help us all!

Random Thoughts of the Week

It is really a sign of the lack of leadership when our country’s embassies are attacked by citizens of other countries, and we are apologizing for that country’s citizens’ actions.  Of course, we’re not demanding any reparations nor an apology from those countries.

Doesn’t anyone seem to realize that an attack on an embassy & killing the ambassador is an attack on the United States, and is considered an Act of War?

The Federal Reserve is printing more money, and the credit agencies are downgrading the United States credit rating again.  Obviously, the monetary policies of the current Administration aren’t working as this country is following down the path of European economic implosion.

Scary quote from Real Clear Politic’s Larry Kudlow:

In the supply-side model, the combination of lower marginal tax rates, lighter regulation and a downsized government in relation to the economy is the growth-igniter. Money, on the other hand, determines the value of the dollar exchange rate and subsequently the overall inflation rate. A falling dollar (1970s) generates higher inflation; a rising dollar (1980s and beyond) generates lower inflation.

This is the supply-side model as advanced by Nobelist Robert Mundell and his colleague Arthur Laffer. In summary, easier taxes and tighter money are the optimal growth solution. But what we have now are higher taxes and easier money. A bad combination.

The Fed has created all this money in the last couple of years. But it hasn’t worked: $1.6 trillion of excess bank reserves are still sitting idle at the Fed. No use. No risk. Virtually no loans. And the Fed is enabling massive deficit spending by the White House and Treasury.

Now, one key political point is that Bernanke’s desperate money-pumping plan to rescue the economy is a very blunt admission that Obamanomics has completely failed. The president is asking voters to give him more time, which is a very weak argument. But his Fed chairman is essentially saying we are running out of time and have to embark on this massive monetary action.

Obama now owns this economy.  No more blaming Bush.

Now everyone realizes that the majority of the Obamacare mandates occur after the 2012 elections, right?  So if you don’t like what has been revealed so far, then hang onto your wallets – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

Why is the United States giving literally billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that are either openly hostile or non-supportive of the United States?

Isn’t it odd that countries/regimes/religions that deplore the United States do not afford free speech rights to their own people?  Furthermore, they certainly cannot stand a good dose of healthy criticism.

Isn’t it also odd that the United Nations, an organization overwhelmingly populated with dictators, despots, warlords, and other totalitarian nations wants to control the weapons of the populations of the world (including private ownership of weapons by the citizens of the United States)?  Well, perhaps not…

Why are the Marine guards in the embassies not allow to carry loaded weapons with the threat of invasion by protestors?  Obviously, the host countries cannot (or will not) provide security as evidenced by the events in Libya.

Having read Klien’s “The Amateur”, I’m not surprised at what this President is doing either with his domestic agenda(s) or his foreign policy.  Rather, I’m appalled beyond belief.


I think it’s time that Obama earned his Nobel Peace Prize…  Time for him to fly to the Middle East and speak personally to the protesting masses.


My wife really does not like Obama.  She stated this morning that she wishes that Obama and his supporters should leave the United States, form their own country, and quit screwing up the United States.  I suggested that they could name their new country “Obamanation.”  She laughed herself silly for the next five minutes…

11 Years Later…

… I feel that the country is looking at this day with a yawn, not remembering the horror as nearly 3000 souls were lost.  I remember all too well…

From Remembering 9/11:

Sitting at my desk at another plant on assignment five years ago, I was finishing up some report when someone came in the office and announced that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center buildings. I really didn’t think much of it at the time, and thought that some joy riding pilot in a Cessna got too close to one of the buildings, got caught in an updraft, and slammed into the building.

I finished up the report, and went out on the floor to check on the project’s progress, and I happened to see one of the TVs the company had set up for internal communications. Someone had put the feed from one of the national networks on the network, and I saw the WTC burning. I was stunned for two reasons – the first was that it was such a clear day, so how could someone accidentally hit one of the buildings. The second was that I just couldn’t understand how a small plane could cause so much damage. That’s when I saw the second plane hit…

Dumbfounded, I suddenly realized that the first plane was not a Cessna or other small plane, but a full-sized, passenger-carrying jet. I next understood that this was deliberate, because there was absolutely no way that two planes could hit the WTC buildings on the same clear day. Then there was the overwhelming sense of sadness, grief, hopelessness as the dawning of a new thought came to mind…

Terrorism, unlike anything that we have ever known, had come to America.

I watched, horrified along with the rest of the country, as the towers came down mere minutes from each other. I couldn’t understand that at the time – this was the last thing that I had expected. I had known that the Empire State Building had been struck by a B-25 bomber and had survived with minimal damage – why not a modern building? But that was not the case here – too big, too much fuel, too much heat – and the towers collapsed. And I wept openly as I watched the plumes of dust rise over the island of Manhattan.

There have been the usual specials on various channels with stories of survivors, eye-witnesses, and officials that were involved that day.  I can’t watch them – I remember too much of the horror of watching people jumping from burning buildings on live TV and watching a plane crash into the World Trade Center.

Instead, I offer this tribute for one of the victims, Klaus Johannes Sprockamp.

May we never, ever forget this day.  I won’t.

This Week…

…I’m on vacation.  A well-deserved one at that, and I intend on resting as well as catching up on the home maintenance that has been neglected due to the long hours I’ve been putting in at work.

And did I mention that the missus and I will have been married for twenty years this Wednesday?  Pity her, for she has had a lot to put up with.  She’s a saint, I tell you…and my best friend.

One of the things that I’m doing this week is reading Edward Klein’s “The Amateur”.  If only half of what he is reporting in this book is true, it only confirms what I had stated back when Obama was running for President in 2008 – he is nothing but an empty suit, and not qualified to lead this country.

But if I cannot read while working, podcasts are wonderful while working out in the yard.  I just finished listening to a shortened audio version of “Great Myths of the Great Depression” (the PDF is here).  The parallels between then and now are both eerie and frightening.  Hint:  The Government made it worse.

Last, it will have been 11 years this week since this country was attacked by terrorists.  Yes, many of the ringleaders have been captured or killed, but are we really safe?  In my opinion, no, we are not.  Attacks around the world continue with no end in sight.

Be safe and be well, my friends.