2012 Campaign Follies

Is anyone else disgusted with the candidates this year?

First we had “Romney-hood” followed by “Obamalony” with false and misleading ads from both political parties.  From a voter’s standpoint, it looks like we have a couple of five-year-olds vying for the highest political position in the country.  We no longer are focusing on the issues – we have a ringside seat next to schoolyard shouting match with all the name calling and insults as we would expect from elementary school bullies.

But in many regards, we’re getting what we’re expecting from such “stellar” candidates and the out of touch political machines backing them.

The President cannot run on his record nor the main promises he has made to the American people except for one, and then only with a caveat.  That one promise has been healthcare, and even then, that promise has been misrepresented to the American people.  Almost a trillion dollars was spent with the promise that unemployment would not rise above 8%, and it has been above 8% almost from the time the law was passed.  Our foreign policy is a shambles, our friends cautious & insulted, and enemies emboldened through our President’s gross mishandling of diplomatic courtesies and changes of policy.  Deficit spending is at an all-time high with a rising crushing national debt.  Failed loans to “green” companies just adds to the pain.  And Congress has not passed a budget as mandated by law – and our President sits idly by, playing golf & taking numerous vacations while the First Lady jets around the globe on shopping sprees.

Barack Obama ran on the campaign slogan of “Hope and Change.”  Any hope has gone, and 4-more years of this kind of change will be the end of this country.  Yet the Democratic faithful blindly guzzle the Kool-Aide and chant “Four more years!”  But then, they’re probably the ones getting tax breaks, or members of the 47-plus percent club that don’t pay taxes that the rest of us do to support them.

Mitt Romney isn’t much better.  He’s just as out of touch with the common man as Barack Obama.  It’s hard to come down & know what it’s like for the majority of the population that’s scraping by while he’s had a silver spoon in his mouth from the day he was born.  Yes, he’s rich – richer than most – but I’m not holding that against him.  I’m not about class-warfare – there will always be the haves and have-nots.  Rather, I have a problem with this candidate (and for that matter, any candidate) stating that he knows our pain when clearly, he does not.

The Republican faithful aren’t happy with their nominee, but they are willing to overlook his shortcomings because he has promised at least one thing on his agenda should he be elected – repeal Obamacare.  And I think that the secondary reason is that he’s not Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney stated this morning that Paul Ryan will be his running-mate for the November elections  Ryan comes across as a no-nonsense person that places the interests of the country before himself – we’ll see if that is true in the upcoming weeks of media scrutiny and attack ads.  One of the issues that the Ryan pick will do is bring the state of the economy front and center.

From the economic standpoint, President Obama has failed miserably.  His recovery plans and historic spending have not resulted in a robust, growing economy.  It is instead anemic and weak, with high unemployment, underemployment, and many just plain giving up on looking for a job.  Ryan has a plan, placed before Congress, that would address many of these concerns, although it has been blocked along party lines.

The only thing that President Obama can point to as a success is the passage of a national healthcare plan for all, funded by taxpayers.  The problem is that instead of focusing on getting the economy back on track, the President and Congress enacted a government-driven health care program. They spent 16 months pursuing this disastrous law, ramming it through on a party-line vote despite warning after warning that Americans rejected this misguided plan.  And the more time passes, we’re finding out that this bright, shiny apple that President BO and Congress gave us is looking to be rotten to the core.

I fully expect that the mudslinging will look like a mudslide before it’s all over.  I’m only hoping that the voters will look at the substance of both candidates and their stances on the important issues instead of how much dirt each one of them can hurl.


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  1. At least Ryan is on the GOP ticket now.

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