Supreme Fallout

I have been on vacation this past week, and catching up on some much-needed yard work.  Yeah, the heat was bad, but that didn’t get my temperature up (as well as the blood pressure) when I heard about the following.

While working in the yard, I listened to Mark Levin’s “Audio Rewind”, which is basically his radio show on a podcast.  I don’t listen to him very often, but I wanted to find out what this Constitutional lawyer had to say about the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare.  In listening to his podcasts from his 6/28 and 6/29 shows, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts dropped the ball…big time…

Mark basically describes Justice Robert’s reasoning for calling the individual mandate a tax is un-Constitutional as there are no valid reasons or provisions for Congress to pass such a tax.  The Commerce Clause did not apply at all.  With this revelation, the individual mandate should have been invalidated, and Justice Roberts should have ruled as such.  Indeed, he should have sided with the dissenting Justices and overturned the entire law.  But he didn’t – he punted the issue back to the People with this statement:

“Members of this court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments.  Those decisions are entrusted to our nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

While true, the Supreme Court is also the last bastion of the People to protect the Constitution from a Congress or President gone rogue.  The Supreme Court is charged with upholding the Constitution.  They have failed in this task with this decision.

With the decision on Obamacare and the decision on the Arizona immigration laws, it has become apparent that the Supreme Court will not protect the rights of the People.  The People will have to protect their own rights.

So now what?  Here are a few thoughts from around the Internet:

There once was a penalty, not a tax
Or, so said the liberal hacks
But we know the score
We’ll be paying much more
The burden is on middle class backs.

via @MalarkeyFilter & @ImpeachTheIdiot

From The Gateway Pundit:

With the Supreme Court giving President Obama’s new health care law a green light, federal and state officials are turning to implementation of the law — a lengthy and massive undertaking still in its early stages, but already costing money and expanding the government.

The Health and Human Services Department “was given a billion dollars implementation money,” Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana said. “That money is gone already on additional bureaucrats and IT programs, computerization for the implementation.”

“Oh boy,” Stan Dorn of the Urban Institute said. “HHS has a huge amount of work to do and the states do, too. There will be new health insurance marketplaces in every state in the country, places you can go online, compare health plans.”

The IRS, Health and Human Services and many other agencies will now write thousands of pages of regulations — an effort well under way:

“There’s already 13,000 pages of regulations, and they’re not even done yet,” Rehberg said.


And then it’s not only one tax, but 20!  From the Washington Times:

It’s official: Obamacare is Obamatax. The Supreme Court saved Obamacare but at the expense of exposing it as simply a massive collection of taxes – 20 taxes at least. Obamacare was supposed to reduce the cost of health insurance but it has six taxes on Americans who already have health insurance. Your insurance will cost more to pay Mr. Obama’s tax hikes.

Obamacare was supposed to “bend the cost curve down” but it has a tax on medical devices. What medical devices? Braces for your kids. A stent for your heart. A wheelchair. All the cool stuff you see in hospitals will now cost more in order to pay Mr. Obama’s tax on medical devices.

Obamacare has a tax on lifesaving drugs. Great – now our drugs will cost more. Obamacare raises taxes on making new drugs by $2.3 billion a year. And you will pay it.

Obamacare promised that you would be able to keep your insurance. Not if you have a Health Savings Account – that is hit with new tax penalties. Just try and buy over-the-counter nonprescription drugs pre-tax with your HSA – not anymore. Your Flexible Spending Account is now going to be taxed so that parents who use these insurance accounts to take care of special-needs children will find part of their own life savings taxed away to Washington. And if you have insurance that Washington bureaucrats have decided on your behalf is too good, then you pay part of the $32 billion Mr. Obama is adding in new taxes on those with “too much, too good” health insurance.

Obamacare even has a tax on charitable hospitals.

Seven of the Obamacare taxes directly hit middle-income Americans. So much for Mr. Obama’s promise to never raise “any form” of tax on anyone earning less than $250,000.

There is a tax on tanning services. New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg won’t let you have soft drinks he doesn’t approve of. Obamacare taxes you 10 percent if you want a tan and cannot get a free ride to the sun on Air Force One.

Twenty taxes comprise the total that raise the cost of health care, trash your present insurance and ability to save for future health needs.

What if you get really sick and have very high medical bills? In the past, you could deduct high medical bills from your taxable income when they were above 7.5 percent of your total income. Mr. Obama thinks that is being too nice to sick people and raises the limit to 10 percent. Perhaps the theory is that taxing sick people will lead to fewer sick people.

Much focus has been placed on one of the 20 tax hikes. That is the tax hike on Americans who fail to submit to the “mandate” that you buy health insurance chosen for you by the government. You may buy any color Model T you wish as long as it is black. You may have any health insurance package the government picks out for you.

And here’s one more lie from President Obama:  He has stated that if you have health coverage, and you like it, then you can keep it.  But if that coverage isn’t approved by the government, or if your employer decides to change providers or drop coverage altogether, then you are totally out of luck.  You are now at the mercy of the government bureaucrats, and we all know how efficient and speedy they are (think of your last visit to the DMV, and you’ll understand).

This isn’t about containing medical costs or making sure that everyone has healthcare coverage – we already know from independent and government accounting that the costs will go up beyond whatever projections were used by Congress and the President to promote this law.  A Rasmussen poll has stated that 52% of Americans now favor a repeal of Obamacare, and 47% in a Gallup survey believe that Obamacare will hurt the economy.  What’s worse, had this:

The Doctor Patient Medical Association has released a new survey of about 700 doctors, and the results are bleak. Scary bleak. Among other dismal figures, Doctors’ Attitudes on the Future of Medicine: What’s Wrong, Who’s to Blame, and What Will Fix It found that 83% of respondents are contemplating leaving the industry if Obamacare is fully implemented, owing to its disastrous projected consequences. Indeed, they openly blame the healthcare law for their industry’s woes:


  • 90% say the medical system is on the WRONG TRACK
  • 83% say they are thinking about QUITTING
  • 61% say the system challenges their ETHICS
  • 85% say the patient-physician relationship is in a TAILSPIN
  • 65% say GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT is most to blame for current problems
  • 72% say individual insurance mandate will NOT result in improved access care
  • 49% say they will STOP accepting Medicaid patients
  • 74% say they will STOP ACCEPTING Medicare patients, or leave Medicare completely
  • 52% say they would rather treat some Medicaid/Medicare patient for FREE
  • 57% give the AMA a FAILING GRADE representing them
  • 1 out of 3 doctors is HESITANT to voice their opinion
  • 2 out of 3 say they are JUST SQUEAKING BY OR IN THE RED financially
  • 95% say private practice is losing out to CORPORATE MEDICINE
  • 80% say DOCTORS/MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS are most likely to help solve things
  • 70% say REDUCING GOVERNMENT would be single best fix.

The bottom line is that this is a power and money grab by the government solely for the purposes of funding whatever pet projects the party in power has for their patrons.  Why else would people and organizations give thousands and thousands of dollars to a political candidate?  After all

…a typical politician’s primary job is not to serve the people who elected him. His primary job is to get himself (or herself) elected or re-elected. Second is to reward all those contributors that gave $$ to help him get elected. Third is to get as many perks & benefits as he can while he is in office. Last on the list is the common person like you & I.

Be well, everyone – we may not have a choice…


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  1. The Griper says:

    oh we will still have a choice, Tom. we can refuse to take part in this scheme. The States can act also by nullifying the law. think about it. if enough refuse to obey this law, what will the federal govvernment do? the big question is whether or not enough people still value their freedom and rights or have the people become too submissive to government demands.

  2. Good work with all the research! The Obama picture is hilarious! Haha I still get people telling me that I don’t have compassion because I oppose the law. Yeah…right.

  3. Tom says:

    Griper – This isn’t over yet. The House is voting continuously on repealing ObamaTax, and the population is pressuring their representatives to keep at it.

    consideragain – Thank you.

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