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This is a post that covers several topics that occurred during this past week that caught my eye.  It’s also another way of stating that I didn’t have time to research any particular topic in detail…yeah, I can be a slacker at times…

Lying on a Resume

Well, isn’t that what Elizabeth Warren did?  But evidently, that didn’t matter to Massachusetts Democratic Party voters as they gave the nod to Warren as their candidate for the US Senate.  If Warren had claimed Native American status on an application for a job with a business and was found out, her application with the resume would have hit the bottom of the round file without a second thought.  Evidently, political parties have different standards, and that’s a whole steaming pile of “not goo” for the rest of us.

The Nanny State Cometh with Haste

This past week, New York City’s Mayor Bloomburg is called for a ban on soda or drinks with sugar over 16 oz. in an effort to battle the obesity epidemic.  With the government trying to position itself to provide healthcare for all, this is the next step in government acting as “mom” to all of us – telling us what to eat.  Before you know it, we’ll have government inspectors looking into our refrigerators, pantries, and shopping carts making sure that we are eating the right foods…

Unemployment Rises

Unemployment rose to 8.2% this past week, and that’s not good news to the Obama Administration.  While I’m not sure if Romney will be any better for the economy, I somehow don’t think he would be any worse.  However, it’s the clowns in Congress that need to enact policies and laws that will encourage growth rather than burdensome regulations & laws.

Edwards Acquitted

Former Vice-Presidential Candidate and general scumbag John Edwards was acquitted on one count of illegally accepting campaign contributions, and the jury couldn’t reach a decision on five other charges.  Edwards, as you recall, fathered a love-child with his mistress while his wife was dying with cancer, and was accused of using campaign funds as “hush money” to keep his mistress from blowing the lid off their affair. 

Florida Voter Purge

The Justice Department has issued a warning to Florida’s Secretary of State to stop the purge of ineligible voters from the rolls.  Florida is clearing the voter registration database of non-citizens, deaths, and others.  However, the Justice Department is having issues that minorities and the poor will be deleted either on purpose or by mistake.  My only question is that shouldn’t we all be concerned with voter fraud?

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  1. Nanny Bloomberg is drunk with power. I can attribute his proposed ban on large soft drinks to no other cause.

    IMO, one of the root causes of today’s obesity, particularly among children: mothers working outside the home.

    BTW, I attended a private school with no cafeteria. Guess what? No fat kids there! The same was true at the private school where I worked for some 18 years.

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