Another Climate Change Conference?

I haven’t been on a rant about the Climate Change / Global Warming / The Sky is Falling Crowd for some time, so it’s time to rectify that shortcoming.

Excerpts from an article reported by Reuters:

The Rio+20 summit in Brazil from June 20-22 is expected to draw more than 50,000 participants from governments, companies and environmental and lobby groups.

The original 19-page draft text has grown to just under 200 pages along with supplementary texts and could be revised at a final round of informal talks in Rio from June 13-15.

Language on phasing out “market distorting and environmentally harmful” subsidies, including for fossil fuels, agriculture and fisheries, could also be weakened or dropped after opposition from Japan, the United States and Canada, observers said.

More than 130 heads of government and deputies are on the summit’s speaker list but some major figures, such as U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron, are not expected to attend.

Some have grown tired of U.N. climate meetings after a much-hyped conference in Copenhagen in 2009 failed to deliver a binding deal to halt global warming. Last year, a U.N. summit in South Africa agreed to forge a new deal by 2015, but it will not enter into force until 2020.

Scientists estimate the world’s average temperature has risen by about 0.8 degrees Celsius since 1900, and nearly 0.2 degrees per decade since 1979. They say efforts so far to cut greenhouse gas emissions are not sufficient to stop a rise beyond 2 degrees C this century, which risks an unstable climate in which weather extremes are common.

OK, I understand that there are a few people out there that are truly concerned that a situation can occur that would render the planet uninhabitable. I get that. It used to be fear of nuclear fallout and the subsequent winter. Now we’re supposedly poisoning the planet with our lifestyle and choices.

And that leads me to this thought: 50,000 people attending a conference in Rio? How are they getting there? Sailboats? Canoes? No, they’re flying on jets!! Just the same as Copenhagen, South Africa, Kyoto, and the multitude of other planet-saving conferences that these folks attend.

And their method of addressing the problem is to cut down, restrict, ban, and otherwise limit the fuel for the technology that allows mankind to exist in this day and age. Raising, harvesting, and otherwise distributing food would be impacted. The same transportation that shuttle the “delegates” from conference to conference would also be restricted. Gas, oil, and other fossil fuels would also become regulated (possibly rationed), which would also impact not only highly industrialized nations but the developing ones as well.

However, this is all based on what the scientists, those heroes in white lab coats, are telling us.  Or are they?  Did you catch the weasel words in the last paragraph?  When I see words like “estimate” and “risks”, this implies uncertainty, and uncertainty is guessing.  It also doesn’t help that scandals have exposed the scientific/political agenda of these same scientists manipulating the data to reinforce their assertions.

So what’s left?  My opinion is that these people who are trying to save the Earth from the human species are not doing this with altruistic motives in mind.  Rather, they are trying to gather power and wealth from the countries that are sponsoring them.  I’m sure that if enough research was done to find out the connections that the various delegates have with energy companies, corporations, and other concerns would show that they are promoting an agenda.  After all, Al Gore did, and I highly doubt he was the only one to make huge profits from the Global Warming / Climate Change movement.

With the world in an economic crisis, governments do not have the financial strength to pay too much attention to this movement.  Perhaps it’s just as well.  We’ve seen the disasters in this country with our government subsidizing the “green” companies – losing money hand over fist, and declaring bankruptcy.  And the ones walking away with the money are the well-connected executives with us paying the bill.

And I’m tired of that.  Aren’t you?


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7 Responses to Another Climate Change Conference?

  1. pete says:

    I’m tired of it too – really tired! I’m also tired of every aspect of life, now including science, being politicized. Science is supposed to be a search for the truth – no?

    • Mrs. Wolf says:

      Considering that the Climate Change/Global warming lie was exposed awhile back

      I wonder why they’re still flogging this dead horse. I guess you can’t keep a dumb liberal down. Well, maybe dumb’s the wrong thing to say. As Reagan put it, it’s not that they’re dumb, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so. 🙂

  2. Ken Taylor says:

    Tom, did you catch the article about the, “scientific,” study actually being taken seriously that claims the extinction of the Dinosaurs was not because of a meteor strike but from excessive methane gas expelled by the animals that caused a major temperature change which caused extinction due to global warming. In other words the Dinos farted themselves into extinction and these GW yo, yos see this as a serious study and cause for the extinction……..sheesh!

  3. Are we really expected to take these people seriously? Here we are dealing with the very same people who cannot even accurately predict the next day’s weather, let alone the climate of the world for the next 50 to 75 years. That alone should be enough to wake up modern society to the disingenuous climate change community.,

  4. Tom says:

    Pete – Science has been hi-jacked in favor of the all-mighty dollar. What follows after that cannot be objective.

    Mrs. Wolf – I’ve been writing about the Global Warming sham for several years. And every year reveals that the logic and motives behind the assertion are faulty & self-serving.

    Ken – Dinosaurs farting themselves into extinction…should have been smoking instead.

    Braden – Sad, isn’t it? Guess they’ll eventually get it right.

  5. Tom, they think they “get it right” now. In fact, when you watch the weather forecast on tv, ever notice how they present it? “Today, mostly sunny with a slight chance of rain.” Say what? So let me get this straight: if it’s sunny all day, they’re right. If it rains, they’re right. Show of hands if “huh?”

  6. mikesamerica says:

    Tom: It’s not just that they are taking jet aircraft to get to these conferences, it is that these conferences are nothing more than paid vacations in world travel hot spots mostly at taxpayer expense. A few years back they had a conference in Bali, Indonesia. The only time this global party machine bombed out was when they picked Copenhagen in winter and a massive snow cooled their ardour for global warming.

    When I worked at EPA we had a grant so employees of the Dept of Agriculture could attend a global warming conference in Palsm Springs. Nice work if you can get it.

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