Reasons for Obama Not to be Reelected

The more time that goes by, it becomes more apparent that the Obama Administration is broken and needs to be replaced.  Operation Fast & Furious, the non-terrorist status of terrorists, a porous border, class warfare, and continuing race-based issues are just a start on the long laundry list of administrative failures.  Then there is a focus on the antics of the Secret Service, the GSA, and yes, even the President’s taking tax-payer funded world-wide shopping sprees & vacations.  Let’s not mention (but will anyway) the President making his way around the late-night talk circuit…

Question for the masses:  When was the last time a Republican President had this many failures, both professional or personal?  Not within the last three, I would wager…

During the writing of the last post, The Obama Reelection Strategy, I ran across the following list at Political Economy.  It lists 101 reasons that Obama should not be reelected in the 2012 elections.

Obama 2012 – 101 reasons why he will lose.

1. Unemployment after 4 years of Keynesian economics is still over 7%. If Americans are out of work so will be the President. 

2. US debt is over 14 trillion dollars and counting. He tripled the debt. We had a party and our children will have to pay. 

3. We are still fighting an undeclared war in the Middle East with American men and women on the ground taking casualties with no end in sight. This really upsets me. It is not Obama’s fault but America should only fight declared wars, because undeclared wars are a never ending battle. 

4. The budget is not yet balanced and 60 percent of the money goes to entitlements. 

5. Change did not come. 

6. Obama looks exhausted. As a leader he physically looks like life is a chore. He looks too skinny and will lose some votes based on his look. I know it is superficial but people vote on this. 

7. Inflation is picking up. He is allowing the currency to be inflated. 

8. Health care is not fixed. Not his fault. The Republicans only allow a watered down version to get ,through. Yet on the other hand, my thinking is there are better ways to fix health care than the Obama plan, such as a negative income tax, free market and light regulation such as not allowing people to be dropped for pre-existing conditions. 

9. The housing market is far from recovered. 

10. China is rising faster than the USA. 

11. US jobs are going overseas. 

12. Pro family Americans question Obama’s core values. 

13. He accepted the Nobel peace prize for nothing. 

14. Still no real business experience, only an academic. 

15. Liberals feel betrayed as he did not follow through with transforming America with a liberal vision. Too much compromise. 

16. Increased taxes. 

17. Half the country is conservative. 

18. After the initial honeymoon with international leaders, the global community respects him only for his title rather than his ability to lead. 

19. Tea party. 

20. Herman Cain, the conservative Obama. 

21. His party turns against him. 

22. 2012 is the apocalypse? 

23. Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Alex Jones, Drudge Report, National Review, Freeman, Greg, Mankiw, American Thinker 

24. Wikileaks did not help the American image. 

25. Jimmy Carter lite. He was elected to restore trust in the office of the Presidency, but ineffective as a leader. 

26. Does not understand economics. Never read the classics from Adam Smith to Hayek to Milton Friedman. Filled with a mix of Keynesian and populous ideas. 

27. Too many vacations at critical times. 

28. Too many bailouts of big US businesses. 

29. Special interest president. 

30. Mysterious past from which passport he used to got to Pakistan to college records, to fake social security number and drug use. 

31. Questionable lavish trips for his family 

32. Some surprises will come out right before the 2012 election. 

33. Expansion of government and unaffordable entitlement programs. 

34. US military is being poorly run. Valuable resources are being wasted. 

35. Well rehearsed for speeches, but lacks charisma. 

36. Was basically an anti-Bush blame candidate. But after 4 years of failed policies it will be hard to blame Bush. 

37. Continues setting presidential golf records. 

38. Putin embarrasses him. 

39. An Asian dictator embarrasses him. 

40. A Middle Eastern Emir embarrasses him. 

41. Chavez makes him look bad. 

42. Lacks support in the congress which is a reflection of the sentiment of the US. If reelected he will be a 4 year lame duck president. 

43. Rebuilding Iraq, but not our roads and schools. 

44. Freedom is decreasing and the constitution has taken a back seat to government central control, for example the TSA or potential regulation of the Internet. 

45. Too many people drawing metaphors to 1984 (the book, not the year). Big brother is alluded to in many headlines. 

46. Comedians will begin to roast him and the youth will lose respect for him. 

47. Food, healthcare, education and oil increases or at least agri-inflation, have you been to the grocery store lately?

48. Illegal immigration problem never solved. 

49. Drug problem never solved or not even a dent in it.

50. Violent crimes are many fold higher than other nations. 

51. America is slipping more as an economic leader and relative standard of living is in decline. 

52. Blatant unrepentant globalist, putting America second. 

53. Minor irritants for the US citizens like body scanners more paperwork and forms. 

54. States are in crisis and the is only the beginning and Obama has done little to help. 

55. Latest census shifted the political balance in swing states. 

56. Was not a landslide in the first election. 

57. Trade deficit is worst. 

58. Many people I personally know that crossed lines have told me it was a mistake. 

59. Lacks the combination of vision and ability to implement, like Ronald Reagan. He talks about united the parties instead of doing
60. America is too divided. 

61. The U.S. trade deficit with China increased by 26% last year. 

62. Independent voter and minor parties are shifting their alliances away from the Democrats. 

63. Obama is getting too much advice from George Clooney. 

64. South Park will produce some parodies that will hit home at Obama’s weaknesses. 

65. Substance wins over symbolism the second time around. 

66. Double dip recession at the end of 2012 could derail any chance of an Obama victory. 

67. Obama is no Roosevelt because opposition to Roosevelt usually conceded for the greater good. The opposite is happening in the USA. The Obama presidency is polarizing the country. 

68. Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Missouri, Oregon, Washington ,Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, California, Nevada, are bankrupt and cannot meet their obligatory payments. The last drips of Federal money will expose the dire economic situation of these states. 

69. Majority of the polls currently show an Obama loss in the 2012 election. 

70. Republicans learned from their mistakes and will not elect someone like McCain to represent them again. That is the four pillars of the republicans are: social and religious conservatives, fiscal conservatives, imperialists and war hawks and moderate Republicans who can cross party lines. McCain was a War hawk conservative with some social ideas. Not a combination needed during an economic crisis. You need a fiscal and religious conservative that appeals to moderates. Hawks do not swing elections unless there is a real Peal Harbor. 

71. Exceptions were too high for the first term. 

72. Stagflation. 

73. Florida the key swing state demographically is changing more conservative. Whoever wins Florida will have a good chance at the White House in 2012. 

74. Arizona, Texas, Utah, Georgia and South Carolina all Republican states picked up electorates. 

75. Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York Pennsylvania all democratic states lost electorates. 

76. It is showdown of Big Government vs the US citizens, I am pulling for the Americans. 

77. Vegas and psychics and predictors of the sort are edging towards a Republican win. 

78. Barack broke the promise of raising taxes for capital gains and dividends for the top percentage of wage earners. 

79. Broken promise of double funding for after school programs. 

80. Centralize lobbying and ethics reporting for US citizens to view, another broken promise. 

81. Phase out exemptions for high earning tax payers. Another broken promise. 

82. Repeal Bush tax cuts for the top earners, another Obama unfulfilled promise. 

83. Obama promised to end income taxes for seniors making less than 50k. This was a huge issue in the sunbelt swing states, Obama did not do this. 

84. A score of other broken promises too many to list. This does not help his credibility. 

85. Is Obama Keynesian or Kenyan? To date there is still some confusion in some people’s minds. 

86. Much of the Hollywood crowd that were his darlings in the 2008 Presidential elections are not as zealous in the 2012 Presidential elections. 

87. Republicans have a real candidate in 2012. 

88. Has an extreme anti-life voting record. 

89. Obama is soft on crime. 

90. Relief for the middle class never materialized and many stimulus injections of cash were temporary and favoring a few rather than the majority who will pay with taxes. 

91. Obama wants a European style social economy which does not fit the American spirit. Obama is not a socialist, rather more follows the French economic model than the American. 

92. Extension of Bush foreign policy, pax America. The sun never sets on the union jack (make the world England), I mean stars and bars. 

93. Unemployment benefits have run out of federal money for chronically unemployed and people underemployed and out of work are looking for new ideas and answers rather than government money and temporary fixes.

94. Many good ideas proposed in 2008, but few implemented even with a Democratic majority in the congress. It is really hard to be Obama, as there is a lot of political infighting and most of the US money is being consumed my entitlement spending and a pittance is for these new interesting ideas. 

95. Has done nothing to curb the close ties between the military business infrastructure and government spending. 

96. Bailed out Wall Street not Main street. I thought he said things would be different. Most jobs are created by small companies, close to 70% as well as innovation, but the large dinosaurs got the funds. 

97. Alex Conant, a GOP election campaign advisor said President Barack Obama cannot be a bipartisan candidate in 2012, like he was in the last election because American voters know him now as something different. He will lose many center and independent voters. 

98. After 25 years of the Bush and Clinton dynasties, Americans have less tolerance for legacy candidates and more focused on results. That is just because they know someone, no longer is a good reason to reelect them. 

99. Traditionally candidate who spend more money on election bids win. This is a reasonably strong correlation. For example, Democrats spent $956,049,411 in 2008 while the Republicans spent $792,186,627. This is contrast with 2004 where the Republicans spent $875,704,006 and the Democrats spent $710,416,993. It is not just that when a campaign has more money it is an indicator of real sentiment, but money and marketing does influence people. At this point Republicans have the momentum and mount an all out attempt to dethrone Obama in 2012 as they see it as an attempt to save the USA. 

100. Crazy indicators that could mean nothing or something, such height of the Candidates, Obama being 6’1” would lose against Mit Romney at 6’4”. Many of the crazy indicators point to an Obama lose in 2012. Hair also counts, and Obama’s salt and pepper thin hair is no competition for the flowing hair of Sarah Palin’s for example. 

101. I will not vote for him and I usually vote for winners (not always). I have an even better track record with predicting elections. Sometimes I am a sucker for lost causes.

Make sense?

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7 Responses to Reasons for Obama Not to be Reelected

  1. The Griper says:

    Obamacare and an unbalanced budget are the only reasons I need to not vote for him and that goes double for Congress since all laws must start there.

  2. Mrs Wolf says:

    101 reasons, is that all, LOL!?

    ObamaCare, the “Stimulus” bill that hasn’t stimulated much except to stimulate our national debt up a few megabucks, this president’s total lack of pride in our nation (he has commented more than once that America can’t always be Number 1; what kind of a team player wants his team to be satisfied to shoot for mediocrity?), he has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no use whatsoever for the Constitution, he is anti-Second Amendment, he seems to be fighting tooth and nail to keep us energy independent upon OPEC and friends…

    I could go on almost as far the compiler of the above list without losing momentum.

    I hope he doesn’t let the door hit him where he does his thinking on the way out…

  3. Certainly the list in this post has plenty of valid reasons that Obama should not be re-elected.

    However, it pains me to say that too many voters don’t use reason when they vote. In fact, sometimes I wonder HOW people make the decision as to whom they vote for!

    I waffle between optimism and pessimism about the November 2012 outcome.

  4. Tom says:

    Griper – I agree that the President should not shoulder all the blame as Congress does write the laws. However, the President is supposed to be the leader of this country, and has performed poorly in my opinion.

    Mrs. Wolf – Welcome!! I would only be too happy to personally hold the door open for him to leave the White House (and to make sure that he didn’t “borrow” something that he shouldn’t).

    AOW – Common sense and reason certainly didn’t figure into Obama’s election to begin with. If anyone was awake and paying attention, the signs were there showing us exactly what kind of President Obama was going to be. A quick search of the posts that both of us were writing at the time of his campaign put us in a position of “I told you so!”, but that certainly isn’t doing us any good at the moment. The best we can do is to vote him out and hold the door open.

  5. Ken Taylor says:

    First, it’s good to see you back on the web. I have always enjoyed your insight and commentary and gald to have you back! Excellent list of the failures of Obama. I do a weekly Internet Radio Show and will be using some of them on this weeks show. There is only one positive accomplishment I will give Obama credit for. His Marxist policy and radical moves have awakened the people which has been needed for decades. Thanks to him people are actually paying attention and fulfilling the Constitutional responsibility of every citizen and that is to keep those we elect accountable to us.

  6. Tom says:

    Ken – Thank you for visiting. While I may not leave a comment, I have always enjoyed your posts as well. Please let us know what times your show is on and how we can listen in.

    While Obama has made everyone more aware of the political arena, he has also increased the divisions within the country. Instead of being civil, I see more sniping and petty remarks. That is disturbing, to say the least.

    • Ken Taylor says:

      The show airs weekly on Tuesdays and I post the podcast on my sight in the sidebar. This week though because of schedule conflicts we will not have a new one up until Thursday but otherwise a new show is up on my site every Tuesday. The Internet Radio Station I am involved with has had to end the live stram temporarily because LIVE365 was causing many problems. We have negotiated a new contract with another stream server and should be streaming live again later this month. I will let you know then when the stream and the live show will air.

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