Notes For The Week

Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple, died this past week.  Whether you hated him or admired him, his impact on our lives will carry forth for years.

My first computer in 1979 was an Apple II, and that carried me through college and beyond.  That was, of course, when I could pry it away from my father!  Now we have several iPods and an iPad in the house, and I wish that I had a Mac as well.

Thanks, Steve.

Revolt on Wall Street:

I was expecting this sooner or later.  Rebellion over bailing out the banks and investment firms after they made bad decisions, although no one really seemed to have a problem with bailing out private citizens for doing the same thing.  While I fully understand this reaction, Wall Street isn’t totally at fault.  Which leads to –

Hypocrite of the Week:

Nancy Pelosi supports the Wall Street sit-ins, describing the protestors as patriotic and exercising their rights to free speech.  Yet, Representative Pelosi doesn’t have the same comments about the TEA Party movement.  Why?  Probably because the Wall Street protestors aren’t after her poor job performance.

Sick Drones:

It was revealed this past week that the Predator Drones were infected with a virus.  I begin to wonder about the security of our defense systems.  I then wonder if someone is going to take over one of these drones and re-task it to drop a missile someplace it shouldn’t.


Amazon introduced the Kindle Fire, which has Apple’s iPad squarely in its sights.  Time will tell if Apple needs to rethink the iPad.

And that’s all for this week.

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