Peace in the Middle East?

I read with some amusement that the Palestinians are trying to appeal to the Useless Nations to get what 90-plus years of terrorism has not produced to date – their own homeland.  Whether or not you believe that the Palestinians deserve their own territory is not the real thrust of this post, but some of the assumptions that go along with it.

The assumption is that if the Palestinians get their own place in the sun is that all hostilities in the Middle East will cease, and everyone lives happily ever after.  I don’t think anyone in their right mind really believes that, but there is that hope and spin.  Of course, Israel is the target to give up the land, although even if Israel concedes land, peace will not break out.  And that is if the Palestinians agree to anything, which is doubtful as the following video reveals (h/t to Woman Honor Thyself):

No, there are too many countries and organizations in that region that hate Israel for just existing.  Take Hamas, for instance.  Their published mission statement is to facilitate the destruction of Israel.  They will continue to bomb, terrorize, and attack until that country and its people are pushed into the Red Sea.  And they are not a country, but just one organization among many…  And then there is Iran with its fledgling nuclear program with a maniac at the helm.  Isn’t anyone else just a tad concerned?

I also noted that the critics panned President Obummer’s speech to the UN.  Gone are the days that he could make a speech and garner praise & acclaim.  The rest of the world now sees him for what he really is – an empty suit that makes pretty speeches.  Whatever happened to the promise of peace indicated by that Nobel Peace Prize?  Obviously, we’re not the only ones let down.

The UN is overwhelmingly represented by countries run by warlords, despots, & dictators.  I’m not surprised that the Palestinians are trying to strong-arm Israel through the international community to give them what they want, and I fully understand Israel’s reluctance.  There is no guarantee, definitely not through the UN, that any country or organization would honor treaties or agreements with Israel.  After all, such agreements have been broken in the past, and will continue to be broken as long as Israel exists.


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3 Responses to Peace in the Middle East?

  1. Angel says:

    great stuff Tom..appalling what we are witnessing my friend..! ps took u out of the spam filter this time..not sure why you ended up there ..sorry!

  2. Here’s what I’ve NEVER understood:

    The “Palestinians” just HAVE to have a chunk out of Israel.

    The “Palestinians” have been “homeless” for scores of years.

    WHY is it that NONE of the surrounding Muslim countries have offered up any of THEIR land so the “Palestinians” can have a place to call their own?


  3. Tom says:

    Angel – Thanks!

    BZ – Why should the surrounding countries give up anything while Israel is there to beat up on?

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