Berliner Mauer

Fifty years ago today, construction on the Berlin Wall began. A dark day indeed for post-war Germany. Below are a series of pictures that I took of the areas where the Berlin Wall once stood (please ignore the finger in the picture).

When I was in Germany several years ago, my traveling buddy Kevin and I took a bus tour of Berlin. We got off the bus at one of the stops and followed the cobblestones that marked the location of the Wall. Our travels took us by the former Gestapo headquarters to Checkpoint Charlie and on to the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate). I will say that of all the times traveling through Germany, the trip to Berlin was the most profound to me. A lot of history occurred here.

Perhaps we need to reflect more on the lessons of the past for clues on what to avoid in the future. Somehow, I think that many people (including our politicians) are woefully deficient in this thought process.


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5 Responses to Berliner Mauer

  1. For every Carter, there will be a Reagan.

    Glad to see that you dig Camaros.


  2. Tom says:

    I’m wondering who is going to be Obummer’s Reagan.

    The Camaro is a neat car – won’t own one, but it’s a cool looking car.

  3. Something that I find interesting: today’s American students have little understanding of the significance of the Berlin Wall and of the demolition thereof.

    Of course, for my generation, the coming down of that wall was — and remains — a powerful symbol of several things which most students today just take for granted.

  4. Joe says:

    Politicians have but one interest: self.

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