Just Another Crisis – Again…

The weekend before the August 2 “deadline” is full of the high-drama and posturing that we have all become used to.  Another crisis that must be addressed against the backdrop of the political maneuvering and finger pointing from both political parties.  This time, it’s how to spend (or not spend as much) of our taxpayer dollars, and how much more money that Congress doesn’t have that can spend on whatever.

GeeeeeZ! found this video that really simplifies what Congress has done, and what we must do:

For all the bad press, the Tea Party has rightly stated that our government must practice fiscal responsibility, and to some of the newly elected Congresscritters credit, have stuck to their guns.  The proposed bills that have been debated or introduced only slow the uncontrolled spending down, and only “kick the can down the road,” which only delays the inevitable. 

What do you want to bet that after this “crisis” is dealt with, it will be back to business as usual for Congress, i.e., put any type of fiscal proposals on the far back burner until the next crisis?  They have done it before, and they will do it again. 

Too bad Congress doesn’t show the same urgency and long-range planning on the budget and debt ceiling as they did when working on Obamacare.  Oh, wait…that was politically motivated…just like the “negotiations” for everything else that Congress does…and we’re still finding out what havoc that monstrosity is going to cause.

What Congress must do is go on a spending diet, cutting out discretionary spending, aid to foreign governments, and useless programs and departments.  Congress must take care of the needs of this country and its citizens first before even thinking of going outside the borders.  If this country goes down the tubes, what country is going to come to our aid?  Not many or any, I would wager. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think the current crop of elected leader is going to do what is right for the country.  What do you think?


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2 Responses to Just Another Crisis – Again…

  1. Z says:

    There is no way this crop of elected leaders is going to do the right thing for America; it’s all about getting votes. THat’s why Reid, Schumer and Durbin insulted the Republicans SO harshly last night, acting as if the Republicans really shouldn’t even be involved in this processs because they’re too stupid and too controlled by the Tea Party.
    Also, if you saw that press conf., Reid got caught in a lie ANY real newsman without leftwing leanings would have caught: He and Schumer were so pathetically whining that “We waited all day Friday because McConnell said he’d speak to us but he never did….ah, well, he just doesn’t care about America and we wasted a WHOLE DAY”….except the truth is what I read 15 minutes later that McConnell HAD said he’d meet with them any time that day IF White House representatives were there for the conversation….A TOTAL LIE on Reid and Schumer’s part! (I think I’ll go add that to my comments on this video)

  2. The Heritage Foundation is an organization worth following the information therefrom.

    Congress indeed needs “to go on a diet.” But politicians don’t do that. Instead, they line their own pockets.

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