As some of you may have noticed, the blog server went down for a couple of days. When it came back up, the database wasn’t connecting correctly. As if there were any new postings for you to read…

Work has been extremely busy. And when there was some time off (I think it is called a “vacation”), I and the wife were still busy around the house, working on the multitudes of things that needed to get done. Of course, when we get back to work, the desks now have PHDs (Piled Higher & Deeper).

Which means that I have not been posting on the BS that the politicians are pulling in Washington, especially with the budget “negotiations”.

You know, it really doesn’t matter who is in office and in charge of Congress, it is still the same old BS over and over again. Spend what they don’t have and hope that the American people won’t notice. If only they would spend only what they can afford,we wouldn’t be in this mess.

But everyone except the Congresscritters and their supporters will be on the recording end of a very sharp stick. That, my friends, needs to come to an end if it is already not too late.


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3 Responses to AWOL

  1. pete says:


    Welcome back on-line. I believe that most of us understand that taking care of one’s family takes precedence over blogging. I personally know where you’re coming from because I find it extremely challenging to even put up one post per week. Glad you’re back.

  2. The BS that the media and the politicians in Washington are throwing all over the place? Yes, indeed.

    But one good thing may come out of the present mess: lots of people, including even Obama’s supporters, are fed up with all this showmanship.

    Our economy is in deep trouble (more and more strip malls sitting empty), and the bunch in Washington keep yammering about hypotheticals instead of tending to business.

  3. Tom says:

    Pete – I’m back only as long as work and personal commitments allow. And you said it – it isn’t easy.

    AOW – It’s not only the strip malls that are sitting empty. I see a lot of individual businesses going out of business. Just last week Borders (a Michigan bookstore) couldn’t find a buyer – they are liquidating starting this weekend. And I also read that the budget deals are falling through too. Madness!!

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