“I’m Sorry, Officer. I Obviously Seem to Have Taken a Wrong Turn.”

Another month goes by without a post, and I’m writing about this…

We had a wet snowfall Thursday night, dropping around 3-4 inches.  Windy, blowing snow, and icy conditions just made traveling that much more treacherous.  Despite that, it was off to work.

Fifteen minutes from the house, there was trouble.  I hit a patch of ice, and the back end of the truck broke loose.  After a couple of side to side motions and frantically trying to keep the truck moving down the pavement (no, I didn’t touch the brake), the truck turned totally around and headed for the side of the road.  I went over the embankment backwards into the ditch.  The truck came to rest parallel to the road in the ditch, facing the opposite direction of my intended travel, four feet from the road and three feet below the road surface, in standing water up to the driver’s side door.  Yeah, it was a steep drop off, and just like a well, wet at the bottom.

In retrospect, it could have been much, much worse.  I could have hit the guardrail and spun off on the opposite side of the road, where the drop off was much steeper, and the water deeper.  I could have hit oncoming traffic.  There were trees on both sides of where I went over.  The truck could have flipped over on its side, or worse, completely over on the roof.  And the truck could have gone further into the ditch, where the water was much deeper.  Yeah, hitting traffic & trees, over a steeper drop-off into deeper water and upside down was definitely the worst-case scenario.

Regardless, three hours later, the truck was pulled out, and no damage to the engine, suspension, or body.  A couple of tires were low where I think the tires separated from the rims, but a quick air-up, and they seem to be holding.  Me, I’m banged around a little bit, so I’m sore, but I didn’t crack my head on the window or frame.

I have to commend the Deputies that were on the scene.  They were polite, courteous, and very professional.  They did, however, crack some smiles and laughed out loud when I greeted them with the title to this post.  Hopefully, it was a relief for what was shaping up for a very busy morning for them.

As a side note, work is still nuts, full of chaos.  My role within the company appears to be changing too, so we’ll see if that results in a reduced workload or not.  Yeah, we’ll see…

Until the next time, be well.