An E-Mail From My Representative

Here is an email from my House of Representatives Congressman, Mike Rogers:

Michigan voters were very clear in last week’s historic election on what they expect from the new Congress. The people have given Congress and the President a directive to work together to get Americans back to work.

We must end the job-killing spending and borrowing spree that has put the nation deeply in debt to countries like China. Our focus will be on a common sense approach that gets government out of the way of our nation’s job creators, and opens up the law-making process to full view of the citizens we serve.

I was honored to be selected by the House Republican leadership to serve as a member of the GOP Majority Transition Committee, which will be reviewing all House procedures and structures over the next few weeks. We have been charged with implementing reforms to Congress that will make the people’s House more transparent, cost-effective, and accountable to you. Here are some of the ideas, included in our Pledge to America, we are already working to implement:

  • A requirement that legislation be available online for three days before a vote so that members of Congress and the American people can read the bill
  • A requirement that all bills include a citation of constitutional authority so that Congress respects the limits imposed on it by our founding document
  • Changes to House rules to make it harder to increase spending and easier to cut it so that we begin a new era of fiscal responsibility in Washington
  • An end to the practice of passing "comprehensive" or "omnibus" bills that package unrelated legislation together in an effort to avoid public scrutiny

Do you have other ideas on how Congress should be reformed? You can share your thoughts and submit your ideas to the Transition Committee by clicking here, or you can email me through my website.

I appreciate the opportunity to contact you. You can also follow my efforts on YouTube (RepMikeRogers) and Facebook (Mike J. Rogers). Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call on me.

Congressman Rogers, you have been a straight-shooter from day one.  I unfortunately cannot say the same about your peers.

We, the citizens of this country, have also shown the Congresscritters that we are closely watching what they are doing.  Change for the sake of change has not helped this country.  Indeed, change as a campaign slogan must be followed up with wise decisions, something that Congress has not done for years.  This is partially why the country is in the state it is in.

The Pledge to America is a good start.  Just have the fortitude to carry it out.


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3 Responses to An E-Mail From My Representative

  1. We must end the job-killing spending and borrowing spree that has put the nation deeply in debt to countries like China.

    Hear, hear!

    Sadly, often when these elected public servants get to Capitol Hill, they lose their commitment to their constituents. Something in the D.C. water and air supply?

  2. Joe says:

    Nice letter. I hope it represents what will actually happen.

    AOW: Not the water and air, the pressure of “good old boyism.” Every effort will be made to bring these newbys into line with the system.

  3. Tom says:

    AOW & Joe – Mike Rogers has been the only Representative that I’ve had in the three states that I have lived in that listens to the people and has the common sense that God should give all of us. And he has been there for some time.

    Perhaps there is hope, not much, but some (providing the newbies listen to the People).

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