A Thanksgiving Conversation

This year’s Thanksgiving visits were interesting to say the least.  Among the events was the oven mysteriously shutting off in the middle of cooking the turkey, almost ruining the feast.  At least we had dessert to see us through the tough times!

While we were munching away on the lemon meringue pie, my brother-in-law and I began discussing the “State of the Union” as it were.  My brother-in-law is a teacher, a history-buff, and definitely no fan of Obozo and his Liberal ilk.

Among the topics that we discussed was how Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President continually violate the precepts of the Constitution’s limits on government.  As anyone who has read the Constitution, limits on the power of government are defined, and not limits upon the People.  If we were to listen to the politicians, it is government that is all knowing and all powerful, not the people who elected the politicians to the positions of power to begin with.

There are many that state that the Constitution is a living, imperfect document, and must be continually interpreted and modified.  The examples that are most often given are women’s right to vote and stating a slave is only 3/5 a person.  What those same people tend to forget is that there is a legal, Constitutional process to change the Constitution’s provisions, which has resulted in no less than 27 modifications to the Constitution.  Also not stated by the Liberals is that the Constitutional amendments can be undone as given by the example of the 18th Amendment (enacting Prohibition) and the 21st Amendment (repealing Prohibition).

What Conservatives want is a return to the Constitutional restrictions upon government by the politicians.  It’s not a return to the Constitution without the Bill of Rights, but what has legally been enacted by the People’s representatives.  The latest violation of Constitutional authority is “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)” dubbed ObamaCare.

While the Constitutionality of Welfare, Social Security, and Medicare can be debated ad nauseum, they are established programs that many people now depend on.  However, the PPACA is not an established program (yet), and should not be funded if not repealed from Federal law.  If this law is compared against the Constitution‘s restrictions on what the Federal government is allowed to do, then Congress and the President have exceeded their authority.

What can the newly-elected Congress do?  They can’t repeal the PPACA (yet), but they can withhold funding for the multitudes of departments this law creates.  In other words, starve it to death.  Hopefully, in the next election cycle, Conservatives will regain the Senate and the White House, and then repeal this legislation.

But States are not waiting for Congress to get its collective act together.  Several States are challenging the Constitutionality of the PPACA in the courts.  We will see whether this angle works or not, especially with the recent appointments to the Supreme Court by Obozo.

Yes, time will tell, but I think we are running out of time.

An E-Mail From My Representative

Here is an email from my House of Representatives Congressman, Mike Rogers:

Michigan voters were very clear in last week’s historic election on what they expect from the new Congress. The people have given Congress and the President a directive to work together to get Americans back to work.

We must end the job-killing spending and borrowing spree that has put the nation deeply in debt to countries like China. Our focus will be on a common sense approach that gets government out of the way of our nation’s job creators, and opens up the law-making process to full view of the citizens we serve.

I was honored to be selected by the House Republican leadership to serve as a member of the GOP Majority Transition Committee, which will be reviewing all House procedures and structures over the next few weeks. We have been charged with implementing reforms to Congress that will make the people’s House more transparent, cost-effective, and accountable to you. Here are some of the ideas, included in our Pledge to America, we are already working to implement:

  • A requirement that legislation be available online for three days before a vote so that members of Congress and the American people can read the bill
  • A requirement that all bills include a citation of constitutional authority so that Congress respects the limits imposed on it by our founding document
  • Changes to House rules to make it harder to increase spending and easier to cut it so that we begin a new era of fiscal responsibility in Washington
  • An end to the practice of passing "comprehensive" or "omnibus" bills that package unrelated legislation together in an effort to avoid public scrutiny

Do you have other ideas on how Congress should be reformed? You can share your thoughts and submit your ideas to the Transition Committee by clicking here, or you can email me through my website.

I appreciate the opportunity to contact you. You can also follow my efforts on YouTube (RepMikeRogers) and Facebook (Mike J. Rogers). Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call on me.

Congressman Rogers, you have been a straight-shooter from day one.  I unfortunately cannot say the same about your peers.

We, the citizens of this country, have also shown the Congresscritters that we are closely watching what they are doing.  Change for the sake of change has not helped this country.  Indeed, change as a campaign slogan must be followed up with wise decisions, something that Congress has not done for years.  This is partially why the country is in the state it is in.

The Pledge to America is a good start.  Just have the fortitude to carry it out.

Now What?

The Democrats took a beating as predicted, and their fearless leader blames everyone and everything except the policies that his party foisted upon the electorate.  Of course, he’s overseas making more speeches with the aid of his faithful teleprompters.  Why am I not surprised?

Now that the Republicans have wrested control of the House, now what?

I have read the promises to repeal Obamacare, create jobs, and reverse the policies of the outgoing Congress and their leader in the White House.  Dream on…With the Democrats still in shaky control of the Senate and the veto pen in the hands of a Democratic president, that’s not going to happen. 

What the Republicans can now do is defund Obamacare, and otherwise stay true to their campaign promises of trying to undo the damage that Obozo and his cronies have done to the country.  Meanwhile, it seems as though the Democrats are imploding – the party faithful waking up to the fact that the country is paying attention to the antics of the Congress, and not liking it one bit.  Unless the Democrats realize that they work for the Electorate, the Senate will pass to the Republicans, and the “One” will be a one-term president.

And what a blow that will be to the Liberal Democrats, the ones who believe that they know better than the citizens of this country! 

The bad part – we’ve got two more long years of these clowns to deal with.  And I hope the Conservatives that were just elected don’t ignore the playbook that got them elected in the first place.  There is a lot that can go wrong, and I hope that it doesn’t.  Otherwise, we are going to be in a whole hell of a lot more trouble than we are now.