Spin And More Spin

I can’t really confirm the following, but I heard earlier in the week that the “Great Recession of 2010” was officially over.  Later in the week, I then heard that 437,000 people filed for unemployment for the first time.  WTH?!?!

Doesn’t this sound like so much spin from people who a) don’t know any better, or b) know about it, but want to hide it.  No wonder the morons in Washington don’t have a clue as to why people don’t trust them and how a movement like the TEA Party got started.  And yet, despite the obvious, the politicians continue to play the political game of charades and spin-the-bottle, intending on confusing the voters into electing the same idiocy that got this country in such deep trouble in the first place.

The response of our politicians has been targeted toward the victims of their shortsighted policies in an effort to garner their continued support.  They promise a stronger economy, but do everything to weaken it.  Nationalized health care, of which the cost burden is only beginning to be understood, increased deficit spending with correspondingly higher taxes on businesses to pay for it, and a short sighted economic plan that will only drive more jobs out of the country rather than create and keep them in the country.  What is left is to bribe the voters with bailout plans that only spend taxpayer dollars and drive the country further into debt.  These are the results of our elected leaders’ policies and actions.

Perhaps this is why Rick Santelli’s rant resonated with so many people:

This is why the TEA Party movement has gathered so much attention and support (and criticism from those opposed to government reform).  The citizens of this country are waking up to the politicians of both political parties, and they don’t like like what they see.  Or at least the citizens that aren’t subscribing to the concept of bigger government is better…

Why else do you think that Christine O’Donnell won the Delaware Republican primary?

The mid-term elections should provide the established political parties a wake-up call that the citizens of this country are awake, and are very aware that the politicians of this country need to represent the citizens of the country, and not the ideological fantasies of a few.  I only hope that the trend will continue.


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