Nine Years Ago…

…we, as a country, were attacked by a terrorist group fueled with Islamic fundamentalism and a hatred of anything not of their culture & religion.  Almost 3,000 of our fellow citizens were murdered for just being themselves.  And yet, knowing all of this plus nine years of exhaustive analysis, we are debating if it is appropriate to allow a mosque to be built a mere 200 yards away from the hole in the ground that used to be the World Trade Centers that some would say is a monument to an Islamic victory over the infidel. 

Have we such short memories, have we no sense of what is right or wrong, or are we, as a country, willing to make excuses for and tolerate a religious group that does not respond in kind?  In my opinion, our elected leaders and media, who say that they represent the American people’s best interests, are doing exactly that.  I would further posit that our leaders have lost the will to fight for the American people, and have substituted their own political and ideological agendas. 

This is becoming rapidly apparent as politicians, media hacks, and even generals are responding with a “don’t do that or you’ll cost American lives” mantra in response to the opposition of the mosque and a church reportedly wanting to burn the Koran**.  What ever happened to defending the Constitution, Free Speech, and common decency?  These same people defend burning the American flag as a protected protest, a crucifix in a bottle of urine as art, and desecration of Bibles as religious freedom.  What makes the protection of a political/religious group that has caused so much destruction and loss of life trump that of the citizens of this country if not the world?

Fear.  Plain and simple.

This group of people have demonstrated their absolute willingness to use violence to defend anything that they deem offensive.  Murder and intimidation with indiscriminate and callous disregard for civilization and human life.  In many respects, they believe that they have a license to kill in the name of god.  How barbaric these actions are in the world in which they are promoting that they are the civilized ones being oppressed, even victimized.  Wolves among the sheep…

We must continue to remember this day in which our fellow men, women, and children were murdered by people who had no regard for their lives.  We should remember not to relive the pain of loss, but to remember that evil does roam this Earth, posing as instruments of God while wreaking destruction and death.  This is what we must remember and fight.

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** For the record, no religion’s holy books or relics should be mutilated or destroyed.  These actions are not respectful in any regard, no matter what the justification.


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8 Responses to Nine Years Ago…

  1. LASunsett says:

    It’s forever etched into my brain.

  2. Tom,
    First, let me say that I love the photo in your header.

    You said:

    What makes the protection of a political/religious group that has caused so much destruction and loss of life trump that of the citizens of this country if not the world?

    Fear. Plain and simple.

    I say: Exactly!

    Oh, all sorts of excuses get put forth. But the real reason that our leaders give off the aura of Islamophilia is that they are afraid. I won’t defend them and their fear, but I will point out that we have Moslems in our midst.

    Our leaders are more afraid of and more respectful of those Moslems in out midst than they are of the will of the people, specifically with regard to the Ground Zero Mosque.

    That mosque is a powerful statement of Islamic supremacism.

    I see America surrendering to that supremacism in all sorts of ways now — just nine years after 9/11.

    Anyway, enough of my soapbox.

    As I think about 9/11 today, I cry inside for the lives lost and for the loss of our American “innocence.”

  3. Well espoused, Real Patriot!

    Every year to date, and every coming year that God allows me the blessing to inhale and continue a heartbeat, I will both weep for the innocent souls lost, as well as their family and friends… ALL of “us”. I will never tire of conveying my intense feelings about this mind boggling atrocity. It is only respectful, reverent and indeed a DUTY!

    The mosque is unworthy of debate and would be a shameful stain on our hallowed ground. There are countless mosques throughout NYC… This is not about diversity. It is about a perverse allowance of a landmark of victory for our sworn, blatantly frank enemies.

    I further equate the ridiculous Quran burning to kicking the very hornet’s nest we ourselves are perched upon. It is not about the legality… we have that right, Constitutionally guaranteed. That being true, it is not only imbecilic and utterly ignorant of the permanent consequences, it will require action that we are STILL NOT ready to render! Be sure that with President Wussy at the helm, there will be no swift and decisive sword to annihilate those barbarians stirred. We don’t yet have that kind of conviction… Our enemies, however, have had it for a long time.

    I watched FOUR video clips a few days ago of muzzies burning alive other muzzies, as well as some Christian hostages. They poured gasoline over them and kicked them into holes in the ground as they beat them with sticks and poles, only to gleefully ignite them. Their screams were abhorrent. I was stunned and repulsed beyond description. I would not even link these, but maybe it should be done.

    There simply is NO COMPARISON or legitimate contrast whatsoever. I will no longer debate the obvious.

    God bless you, Tom… and save our great Republic. Take care.

  4. ablur says:

    Our nation has slipped from greatness because people don’t remember who we are and who are founders were. We don’t remember hard work and triumph over the impossible. If the challenge was raised today as JFK raised it; “We will stand on the Moon before the end of the decade”; there would be no hope that we would do the deed.
    We have become but cattle to our elite leadership. We have allowed this. As cattle is lead to pasture and slaughter, so it appears the American nation is going.
    Will we stand up and take responsibility? Will we push off the yoke of slavery we once shed? Are we willing to work for our needs?
    It appears we are even willing to accept the yoke of Islam. 9/11 was an horrible event but it also was a pivot point. Will we succumb to enslavement by another master or will we fight to reclaim our God given rights as so soundly hammered out by our founders?

  5. Z says:

    ablur is right..we’re wimps now…
    We’re scared, as you so rightly say, and we’re submitting. NO AMERICA before 2010 would have EVER accepted this mosque in NYC and I just heard Bloomberg say, at the site, something like “we need to link arms now with those who’ll lead us out of fear..” yadda yadda (something like that) I couldn’t help but wonder who he meant we should be linking arms with, but I think I know.
    America’s slipping because of the Sixties and how they taught us LOVE and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (kindness at all costs), and through the fact that Americans have NEVER understood what PRIDE means in the Arab world; we will submit because we’re afraid and they are so angry. And WE have to back off for their anger?

  6. Indigo Red says:

    I think even more disturbingly, the events of 9/11/01 are not being forgotten, but redefined from a terror attack to a manmade disaster as though it were only another airplane accident. And worse yet, the attack of 9/11 is being relocated.

    On that tragic Tuesday, America was attacked. After a few years, New York City was attacked. Now a few square blocks of Manhattan were attacked. Even 200 yards away is not Ground Zero, no longer the site of a barbaric attack by, dare I say, Muslims. Next year, the 10th anniversary, the attack will have happened on the other side of the street.

    Soon there will have been nothing of note that occurred at the site of the new Freedom Towers, but nevermind, we can go down the street and play some b-ball at the Muslim Community Center.

    Had 1941 Americans been as we are today, Imperial Japan and NAZI Germany would be facing-off over rifle sights across the Mississippi River. Spike Jones had quite a hit hit with “Der Fuehrer’s Face”. Today he’d be in deep doo-doo for disrespecting another country’s beliefs.

  7. Ken Taylor says:

    Excellent post Tom. I agree that fear drives the PC additude over anything Muslim and in that sense these fanatics have won a victory because of the fear of offending them and the constant talk that anything we do regardless of whether it is justified or right will cause recruitment to grow. They will recruit and kill no matter what we do so it is time we stood up for right and quit playing thier game.

    We owe it to our Nation, to those who perished on September 11 and to future generations who will live in the same fear unless wi act with a greater resolve than we have thus far!

  8. Tom says:

    LA – It’s not something that anyone who witnessed it will forget.

    AOW – Thank you! And you are always welcome to set up your soapbox here.

    DI – I know that I will always pause and pray/think about the events of that day. The tragedy, the terror, and the resolve of Americans that day is truly overwhelming. To put a mosque within yards of the WTC site is rubbing salt into a still open wound. It does nothing to promote healing or acceptance or even tolerance.

    ablur and Z – The resolve of combating the horror that radical Islam is inflicting upon the world is waning. This does nothing except show that we, as a civilization, is weak & looking for the quick fix. Radical Islam is in it for the long haul.

    Indigo – Revisionist history plus political correctness equals distortion of the facts. I was only wondering how long it was going to take. It didn’t even take it a decade. For shame.

    Ken – Fear is a powerful force, especially upon those who do not have the backbone to stand up to the threats that the radical Islamic Imams continue to issue. I look at our political leaders and shudder, for I know that all those morons think about is power for themselves & staying in office.

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