Truth Or Consequences

I’m traveling this week, and have barely been able to watch or listen to news.  But something struck me as, well, hypocritical.

I heard that Roger "The Rocket" Clemens was being indicted for, among other things, lying to Congress.  Henry Waxman, the chief questioner in Congress’s inquiry into steroids in baseball, said this concerning the indictments:

"When a witness, such as Roger Clemens, lies, as I think he did, he should be held accountable."

Now, let’s put aside any questions as to why Congress should have been involved in this subject to begin with.  Let’s focus on the accountability aspect, as Representative Waxman seems to be focusing on.

If Roger Clemens lies to Congress and is to be prosecuted, then shouldn’t members of Congress & the Administration be prosecuted for lying to the American People?  After all, which is the greater crime, and who suffers greater damage from such falsehoods?

So following this logic, any time that a Congressperson or member of the Administration knowingly makes a false statement to the American people about the intent of legislation in order to garner public support to pass it, then they should be prosecuted.  That, my friends, would clean out the government far more efficiently than any election.

That would be the day…and pigs would fly to the moon and back under their own power…


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6 Responses to Truth Or Consequences

  1. Joe says:

    Congress not only lies to the American people, they lie to each other on a regular basis.

  2. The Griper says:

    by the time they got thru handing out the indictments there would be nobody left to run the State because that would include Obama too. LOL

  3. The Griper’s is spot on with his comment!

    As a longtime lover of baseball, I have to say how disappointed I am with so many stars of the sport having used enhancing drugs.

    As for Congress running these investigations, well, Congress has no business butting in on this matter.

  4. Tom says:

    Joe – And the excuse that is usually given is “It’s only politics.” For shame!

    Griper – The way that Congress is handling the Country’s business, that actually might be a good thing for the rest of us!

    AOW – Congress regularly interjects themselves on a variety of subjects that they have no authority or business. They only do this to show that “they care” and for face time on the news.

  5. Z says:

    “unable to watch news”..boy, that sounds so good but I can’t bring myself not to 😦
    By the can’t mention PIGS, flying or otherwise, becausemosque supporters will call you RACIST !

  6. Tom says:

    Z – I’m back off the road, but I’m limiting the amount of news I’m watching. Just a little is oh so sickening.

    And the Moslems should stay away from this blog anyway. It’s powered in part by an alternative energy source – bacon fat.


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