Will the Real Racist Please Stand Up?

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I’m off on vacation this week, and keeping busy with stuff around the house.  The main project that I have is tiling a bathroom in the basement.  Water from the toilet tank leaked all over the carpet & mold set in, so rather than go through that mess again, it’s taking out the carpet & padding, and tiling the bathroom.

While setting tile earlier today, I had the radio on & a segment came on about the constant problem with racism in Detroit, hiring practices, and social injustice.  After five minutes of listing to the blather, I had enough.  I turned it off.

Folks, I am not a racist.  I do not believe that any one race is superior to another.  I also do not believe that any race should enjoy special “privileges” in getting a leg up on any other race to equalize a perceived “social injustice.” 

Are people in Detroit disadvantaged?  I would say “Yes”, but would qualify it by stating that some of these disadvantages are self-inflicted.  I look at the string of corrupt politicians elected by the people of Detroit over the years, who looted and lined their pockets while the city imploded, and the people of Detroit still defend these con-artists stating that it is because of their race that they were prosecuted.  The latest prosecution and conviction of Kwame Kilpatrick is a case in point. 

I also look at these same people that constantly have their hands out for the government to take care of them instead of taking care of themselves.  Here’s the classic “for instance” sound bites:

It’s no longer providing for yourself, it’s having others providing you with your needs.  How sad, but we are now there, and I’m digressing from the point of the post…

The election of President Obozo seemed to promise an end of racism.  After all, a non-white person was elected to the highest office of the land, so we, as a country, have finally shed our racism.  Not by a long shot…  If anything, there has been more and more polarization between all of the races.  I look at the current (illegal) immigration controversy, the past Professor Gates / Obozo “acting stupidly” episode, and the apparent perverse double-standard that permeates all levels of government.

Robin of Berkely has some great insights from her post “Liberal Racism”:

Obama has been the Teflon President because of the color of his skin. Liberals are giving him a free ride.

We see it every day when criticism of Obama evokes cries of racism. But who are the real racists here?

Are the racists those conservatives who hold everyone accountable to the same standards? Who believe that people should be judged by their character and their behavior, not their race, creed, or color?

Or are the racists those white liberals who treat Obama like some delicate flower? While liberals still eviscerate George W. Bush, any judgment of Obama is off limits.

It’s not just whites who are enabling Obama by acting like his protectors. Blacks voted en masse for Obama. Sadly, what has he offered them?

From the start, it was obvious that Obama, though half-black, had never done anything for the black community. In Chicago, his actions hurt blacks.

Obama was a huge supporter of Tony Rezko, a notorious slumlord, now a felon. When Obama served in the state senate, black residents picketed Rezko’s offices to protest their rat-infested, unheated apartments.   

And what has Obama done to help blacks since he’s been president? One of Obama’s first actions as president was eliminating the DC school voucher program that offered poor black kids the chance for a better life.

Obama and the Democrats have created record debt and crushed the economy. A depressed economy hits minority groups especially hard.

And then there is Obama’s push for amnesty for illegals. How is giving jobs to millions of illegals going to help blacks, who have unconscionably high unemployment rates?

But there is one perk Obama has afforded the black underclass — the right to behave brutally. Obama’s Justice Department dropped charges for those New Black Panthers who allegedly threatened and harassed people at election sites. 

This encouragement to act out is deeply cynical and manipulative. It’s designed to control racial minorities and promote social unrest.

Although Obama has only agitated, not uplifted, Americans, most liberals regard him as their icon. To them, Obama is the Great Black Hope. 

Liberals handle Obama with kid gloves. In the meantime, they turn a blind eye to his dangerous policies, like flirting with radical Islam. Liberals make excuses for the plummeting economy, blaming their usual bogeyman: conservatives.

They refuse to see Obama without the rose-colored glasses. Why? Because when it comes to Obama, liberals see a black man deserving of special treatment.

Will the real racist please stand up?

Perhaps I’m just being cynical, but I’m really starting to think that Robin is on to something.  Like Rahm Immanuel has been quoted as saying “You never let a serious crisis go to waste,” I’m beginning to wonder if racism is a crisis whose flames are constantly fanned to provide reasons for personal wealth and political power.  And that, my friends, is sinister indeed, because it makes the next quote even more chilling:

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves." —William Pitt

And thus, our Federal Government has seen fit to level the social justice playing field by diverting taxpayer dollars to the inner cities with the stated intent of raising the standard of living of those people trapped in that urban jungle.  Instead, what has happened is that they have created a class of dependant people with failing schools and crime such that the police will not patrol certain areas either during the day or night.  Given the video above and that the Detroit school system is broke and broken are just a couple of examples of what is happening in my backyard and in the backyards of cities across this nation.

It is time to take off the rose-colored glasses and don the blindfold so that we are truly color- and religion-blind.  The time for special classes, races, and religions is over if we expect this country to survive and prosper for the next several generations.

5 thoughts on “Will the Real Racist Please Stand Up?

  1. BHO and his administration are setting back race relations in the United States. The very fact that we cannot criticize him without cries of “Racist!” because BHO has African blood runs counter to everything this nation has stood for from the days of our founding.

    I worry so much about the direction America is going today.

  2. It’s truly sad, Tom. It’s sad that there are blacks that desperately do everything they can to see that other blacks do not succeed, so that promoters of false racism can line their pockets.

    They have marginalized the meaning of the word racism and have diminished it so much with their false claims. It has come to the point that real instances of racism will soon get buried under the cries of “wolf”, and go almost completely unnoticed.

  3. I’m going to take an opposite tack here. It’s my belief Obama is doing more for race relations than all that has come before combined. By placing racism in the spotlight for every perceived and unperceived slight, even Blacks are getting so fed up they are looking at their White friends and coworkers and realizing they don’t knnow any racists except the baiters Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Rangle, and various Liberal white politicians whose career future depends on continuing such nonsense. Four of ten Tea Party patriots are minorities. How does one explain that while accepting all Whites are crackers deserving of summary killing? How does one explain the election of Obama by a majority of Whites if those same Whites are racist honkys? It’s getting harder to continue the racist ruse.

  4. Everyone has some valid thoughts on this topic. One thing is for sure – the more the race card is played, the less effect that it has.

    Stay tuned for Part 2…

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