You Will Pay Dearly…

Coming home on Friday night in a rental car that had XM Radio, I tuned in to the Tom Sullivan show.  What I heard just left me shaking my head.

First off, the promise of President Obama that if you like your insurance, you could keep it is a lie…unless your plan falls within the outlines of one of the four levels of coverage outlined in the health care legislation.  And even then, you will pay not once, but at least twice, at least by my count.

obamamedicalLet’s get real – your taxes will go up to cover the cost for not only your healthcare, but for everyone else that can’t either afford it or are dipping into the bucket deeper than anyone else.  This is regardless of the level of healthcare that you subscribe to (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum) as provided for by the legislation.

So let’s now think about the lowest level of coverage (bronze) which is estimated to cost $12,000 a year.  Here’s where I think the big rub is going to come in.

Just for illustration, suppose you have coverage through your employment for, say, $100 a month and the company picks up the rest.  But what if the company can’t afford the premiums and/or decides to pay the fine instead.  That would mean that you, the consumer, would have to pay the premiums out of your pocket.  And do you think that your employer would compensate you with higher pay since they are no longer picking up your health insurance?  I would highly doubt it.

So now you are mandated to pay higher taxes AND on the hook for $12,000 a year, and for what?  Better treatment?  Lower deductibles?  Just take a look at the VA hospitals and the poor treatment that they have been giving our veterans for years, and you can understand my concern not only from a cost standpoint.  And the deductibles are going to be higher (starting at 40% for the bronze plan) than what I’ve seen on my current and past health plans.

Our elected representatives will be voting on this legislation later today.  I hope they have been getting the message that polls are showing that their constituents are not in favor of this legislation as it stands, and they need to listen to the people that elected them, not to a politician that wants to save his political legacy.


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4 Responses to You Will Pay Dearly…

  1. The Griper says:

    ahhh don’t forget the county hospitals

    and don’t forget the cuts in medicare payments meaning less doctors and hospitals will accept medicare coverage. time for a new revolution

  2. Z says:

    they sure didn’t get the message, did they.
    Your information is so upsetting and I SO wish Democrats had the brains to understand it.
    The political legacy beat sensible behavior…
    it will on amnesty soon, too.

  3. NEO, SOC says:

    It’s over! Stop driving! Because the fumes your car is giving off is killing Americans and they will require the healthcare that you will be paying for.

  4. Tom says:

    Griper – By no means was my list all-inclusive. There are many examples of government-run disasters.

    Z – The Dems did get the message, but it wasn’t delivered by the People – it was their leadership.
    And as far as amnesty is concerned, don’t worry – the illegals will be covered too.

    NEO – Perhaps we will all be riding bikes soon because that will be all the transportation we can afford.

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