Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

The pundits are calling for an Indianapolis Colts victory over the New Orleans Saint by 6 points (at least the time this post was written.  I’m also predicting that the Colts will win, but I think the margin will be much less.  Actually, I’m thinking this dance is going to be decided by a 4th quarter field goal.

I haven’t followed football all that much the past couple of years, and this year wasn’t much of a change.  But I did see the playoffs a couple of weeks ago, and the Saints win was impressive just from the aspect of the level of energy that the team demonstrated on the field. 

The Colts will have their hands full keeping Manning safe from the small but fast Saints defensive line.  Manning performs best when he has time to find his receivers, and that means he needs to get in a rhythm quickly.  If the Saints penetrate the Colts offensive line, Manning will not be comfortable and will hurry his passing.  That would lead to interceptions, and with a fast defense, would lead to long runbacks and/or touchdowns.

The key for the Colts will be to score early and keep the pressure on the Saint’s offense.  The Colts seem to have some problems with the defensive line, and also seems to have a weak backfield from time to time.  That can be devastating for the Colts as their defense seems to need time to figure out the opposition.

The key for the Saints will be to attack the Colts offensive line and constantly change up their plays on the offense.  Their strength in this game will be to be fast and unpredictable.  The Saints offensive plays have not been pretty from what I observed during the playoffs, but they will get the job done if given half a chance.

It should be a good game, although I hope it won’t be a blowout.

Note:  I probably won’t do a review of the Super Bowl Commercials this year.  With the new job, I just don’t have time – that is, unless there are a couple of good ones I would like to comment on.


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4 Responses to Super Bowl XLIV Predictions

  1. Braden says:

    I predict a Colts win by 14 points.

  2. Teresa says:

    Have on jersey and ready to cheer! I like us by a touchdown at least. GO COLTS!!!!

  3. Tom says:

    Colts lost…oh well…

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