The Media’s Double Standard

With President Obama’s healthcare on life support, and Scott Brown’s election to the Senate in a state that was a Democrat-stronghold, it does make one wonder how the Democrats got into this situation.  In short, Obama put his agenda for the country ahead of the needs of the country, and the voters didn’t like it.  And the media went right along with it until the wheels started coming off.

From the comments section of a Mort Zuckerman article (h/t to Z for the article):

Ninety percent of the reason we have this "disaster" as a president, is the media. In their hatred for George Bush and the Iraq War, they portrayed him as evil, dumb and incompetent. He was far from a perfect president, especially his last 2 years, but he did keep us safe and we did have a booming economy for most of 6 years. The media never gave him credit for anything.

Because of this, we were ripe for "change". Along comes a politician with no history and lots of beautiful words. When his connection with Reverend Wright came up, no one investigated and those who did were called racist. When his relationship with Bill Ayres came up, how many in the mainstream media cared. They said it was only those "right-wing radio hosts" who were trying to destroy Obama.

Did the media care that this man has no experience running anything? Did they care about Tony Rezko or any other Chicago connections? Did they dig through his trash like they have been known to do for conservatives? How many operatives were in Alaska digging dirt on Sarah Palin, while no one was asking questions on the South Side of Chicago?

If you really looked at the man’s background and ideas, no one would be surprised by what has happened. From Van Jones, to Cass Sunstein, what did you expect? Were you surprised that he appointed a tax cheat as Treasury Secretary? How about a pervert for school safety czar? This is who Obama is…..he is beholding to the unions, to the Far Left, and to the liberals of academia. Less than 10% of his aides, cabinet members and czars have ever been in the private sector. How can they possibly relate to the American people? Instead, they refer to the "working class", as though anyone who makes more than $100,000 does not work. How do those people think most Americans got their money?

Obama told Joe the plumber that he must share the wealth with those less fortunate. No one listened and the media hated this story.

When Mr. Obama says that he can fix the economy by throwing money at health care, energy (green jobs), and education, does the media even question such an absurd statement? A high school economics student would at least ask how spending more money can help, and why if green jobs were profitable, the private sector would not be involved.

So Mr. Zuckerman, as you wonder what happened with your Messiah, look no further than the Mainstream Media. Fortunately the American people are smarter than the media give them credit for….first Virginia spoke, then New Jersey. Last night we had the "shot heard around the country"! Thank you Massachusetts…..will Mr. Obama listen, or continue with his tone-deafness?

Furthermore, when then Candidate Obama makes many promises, becomes President, makes more promises, and then breaks most of them, has the media held him accountable?  I think you know the answer to that.

This is why the media is losing readership and viewers in droves to alternate news sources like the Internet, blogs, and foreign news services.  You know that if the media fawns over a political figure like a mini-godling and that same political figure’s supporters blasts opposing views without a peep from the media, there is something definitely wrong with the media.  The media is supposed to be the champions of free speech, and yet they are complicit in shutting down opposing views.  A quote from the campaign trail from Democratic Obama’s opponent should say it all:

“I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic.  We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” – Hillary Clinton

And yet this is exactly what the media is not doing.  The media is supposed to be neutral, reporting on all sides of the debate, and leaving the opinions to the editorial page.

So if radio stations like Air America shut down, and opinionated newspapers close their doors, they shouldn’t be surprised.  Americans are bright and resourceful people.  They will only take so much nonsense before giving the boot to the offending parties. 

Massachusetts is only the first serious backlash against the Obama administration and the antics of the Democratically controlled Congress.  There is more to come, and it should be extremely hard for the media to ignore (although I know that they will do their best to do so).


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9 Responses to The Media’s Double Standard

  1. The Griper says:

    as much as i’d like to blame the msm i think the people are just as much to blame also. the information was out there, the people just refused to accept it in their thinking.

    the ultimate responsibility of a vote belongs to the voter. it is up to him to see that he made an informed vote.

  2. Tom says:

    The Founders of the Country knew that an informed populous was critical for the survival of this country. Thus, freedom of speech was included in the First Amendment.

    However, what has happened is that the Press (the media) has chosen sides, and the population has become disinterested in the dealings of politics and government. Yes, the voters fell for the flim-flam man and his message, and didn’t perform their due diligence. Thus, the situation that we now find ourselves in.

  3. The Griper says:

    don’t kid yourself, Tom. the media has always had a bias. its that only a few like the wall street journal acknowledges it anymore.

    btw, off topic, ever hear of a little resort town of Charlevoix?

  4. Tom says:

    Media bias has hit an all time high, as far as I’m concerned.

    Charlevoix is way North of where I live in Oakland County. Wife and I did spend a week on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel for our 15th wedding anniversary.

  5. The Griper says:

    i was raised in charlevoix.

  6. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    The media is guilty of getting this man elected, they ignored stories that would have brought most candidates down and they did it because they wanted to be politically correct. We are all paying for it now.
    Barack Obama has wasted a whole year trying to pass a healthcare bill that nobody wants, while the economy worstens. He has done nothing about the economy because he has been sidetracked. This man does not know what he is doing, and many of us tried to warn people.
    People are beginning to wake up, Scott Brown’s election shows us that.

  7. Tom says:

    Griper – So you moved from lots of snow in the winter to lots of sunshine, rain, earthquakes, and Leftist politicians. I feel for you.

    Mr. Pink Eyes – Two things will sink Obama and his crowd – Taxes (got to pay for all of his spending somehow) and jobs/economy (losing jobs kills the economy). It has become very obvious to many that his attention was on an agenda to please his supporters and not support the American people.

  8. Of late, the WaPo is becoming very critical of BHO on the lead editorial page. Hmmmm….

  9. Tom says:

    WaPo is like a lot of other news organizations – they are seeing the public’s mood, and are adjusting their editorial content, but not by much. As the President’s poll numbers increase, their support will also increase.

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