Healthcare Party, Bill, and Consequences

I think this series of comics and video says it all:




(h/t to Ken at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth for finding this one):

The dream:



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4 Responses to Healthcare Party, Bill, and Consequences

  1. Number three is spot-on. But I may be stealing number five. . .


  2. Tom says:

    BZ – Steal away!!

  3. Z says:

    No 3 made me laugh out loud…then I thought “Wait, that’s what IS going to happen”
    Tom, what a fun post…great stuff! xxx
    (how’re you doing? You’re in my prayers)zx

  4. Tom says:

    Z – Sometimes the truth does make us laugh until reality rears its ugly head.

    We are doing OK – just keeping at it. And thank you for your prayers.

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