At What Price?

Over the weekend, our Senators ignored the millions of phone calls, emails, and letters voicing the people’s will to not close debate on the Senate’s version of Healthcare Reform.  They voted along party lines, 60 to 40, for cloture.

Of course, my Senators didn’t listen to me – they’re both Democrats.  And I haven’t even received a courtesy email response…  But then, I’m not surprised either since I expressed my opposition to this 2,100 page legislative nightmare.

Many of you know where I stand on this issue.  I’ve expressed my opposition in many posts on this blog and in the comments of several of yours.  But the Democrats have chosen to move forward on legislation that they claim will make all Americans’ lives better because they say they know what is best for us.

So I have to ask the question:  If this legislation is so great, so fantastic for Americans, so fricken wonderful, then why can it not stand on its own merit?  Why did it take multiple deals with various Senators to buy their support for this legislation?  Senator Nelson (D-NE), Senator Landrieu (D-LA), and Senator Sanders (D-VT) all made deals benefiting the states that they represent, and they are only the tip of the buyoff iceberg.  Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent purchasing these votes.  Talk about a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” gone berserk!!

These actions by the Senate represent the same Washington (although in a later time, on steroids (or Viagra), and with a fatter taxpayer-funded wallet) that our modern day Mr. Smith promised to clean up.  Our President has repeatedly promised that business as usual in Washington would not continue under his administration.  Yet, with his promise to sign the healthcare legislation no matter what and allowing such deals to be made, he is breaking yet another promise.

What we are witnessing in Washington with our Congress and President is that deals can be made for voting on legislation.  The only question that remains is:

At what price?


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5 Responses to At What Price?

  1. Mike says:

    Not only did he NOT keep the fake promises he LIED as is his wont. I don’t know about you Tom but I am damn sick and tired of all this crap. Most of which is unconstitutional.

  2. But the Democrats have chosen to move forward on legislation that they claim will make all Americans

  3. Ken Taylor says:

    Anywhere else this type of bribary would be considered a criminal act. There are so many areas where this debacle violates the Constitution and the bribary used is among them. Also the provision which does not allow future Congresses to make any changes to the bill. This piece of junk fails any and all Constitutional tests!

  4. Tom says:

    Mike – I think I speak (write?) for the majority of people – we are sick and fed up with the politicians that we have elected to run this great country.

    AOW – The proclivities of the politicians to lord over us are no longer under the table, but are in full display for all to see. And if the voters have any sense, they will vote these buzzards out as soon as possible.

    Ken – I am hoping that should this pile of excrement pass that the Supreme Court will invalidate it. But I’m not holding my breath either…

  5. Teresa says:

    I do want all Americans to have health care; I really do. But I do not think this is the bill to do it.

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